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In Potter related news (is it really twenty years? And how many friends would I not have made were it not for Potter?), Stephen Bush of the New Staggers has done a director's commentary of his ancient Harry Potter fic, and it's one of the funniest things I've read in ages.

(He had an LJ aged 12? Precocious or what?)
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Peter Grant fans may be pleased to discover this list of acronyms in use by the Met. I am gratified to discover that HOLMES is real, and that the real Met is as besotted with unhelpful acronyms as the fictional one.

(If you want the IC numbers, though, you have to go to wiki)
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There is a pious Catholic out there who runs a blog ( dedicated to chibi-ish pictures of the saints (I think the idea is that they're for use in catechesis with children, but they're a bit too sugary for my taste).

Today's saint of the day is S. Dominic Savio, but he appears to be being played by the Eleventh Doctor...
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Contents of a Paris flat, unchanged since 1942, to be auctioned.

Fascinating pictures - like something out of a Mitford novel!(Apart from the inexplicable Disney cuddly toys. The stuffed emu, on the other hand, would fit right in).
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This 1894 general knowledge paper, from Trinity College Glenalmond, is rather fun. It's not the King Williams Quiz - though you can see how the KWQ grew out of that sort of thing - but I found it quite diverting (and very tough, in places!) Feel free to have a crack at it!
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Advice on using the London Underground this summer.

I would add, carry a bottle of water at all times, and remember that it can be very hot indeed in the deep tube stations at busy times (not unusual for temperatures to reach the thirties in summer at peak times).
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I've just discovered that the Guardian is running a very interesting series of blog posts by Juliet Jacques, a transwoman, on her journey through transition, a transgender journey.

The comments section are actually much better than is generally the case on CiF - there are some eejits (though it seems, for once, to be being fairly rigorously modded), but in general the standard is pretty high and there are more trans* people sharing their experiences.
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The "Junge Union" in Nord-Rhein Westfalen - the youth wing of the CDU, so I suppose roughly equivalent to the Young Conservatives, have a new slogan:

If you love your mother, vote CDU.

I have to say, I can hear the sound of a barrel being scraped...
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... anyone who knows Oxford, whether in real life or in books. Or those who enjoy seeing images of the past. Or young men in well cut trousers falling out of punts.

The British Council brings us an archive film on Oxford, from 1941, though it reflects a pre-war world.

Lots of lingering shots of Oxford. And, for some reason, topless economists....

ETA: the other odd thing about that film is that I keep thinking I recognise people in it. Very peculiar!
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This sounds like a Cabin Pressure plot waiting to happen, doesn't it?
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Other notable figures with an enthusiasm for Machen have included Brocard Sewell, Barry Humphries, Stewart Lee and Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury. Wikipedia: Arthur Machen.
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"Remember what Bilbo used to say: It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to."

This rather nice little article* follows a number of London roads to their end. Ah, the romance of the every day...

* Via davidbrider.
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Tina Beattie, a very acute Catholic theologian, has got a new series on Thomas Aquinas, philosophy and modernity on the Guardian.
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After the prolonged spectacle of the Dean and Chapter of St Pauls making asses of themselves over the Occupy London protests, I'm heartened by Giles Fraser's integrity (though I'm appalled that it's become necessary for him to do it, and I cannot think what the Chapter have been thinking, other than that they're running round like headless chickens in an unnecessary panic).

Despite the icon, I might note that Cramner, no bleeding heart liberal to say the least, broadly agrees with me.

Of course, I always wondered how long Giles Fraser could stick it at St Pauls...
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Cricket's always had its seamy side, but it's still rather unexpected (and heartening) to find a team thriving in one of the most notorious parts of LA, even if, sadly a proposed tour of the UK couldn't take place because of lack of funds.

American cricket is surely ripe for revival (yes, revival; after all, as the article mentions, the world's first international cricket match was between the US and Canada).

Also (sort of) cricket-related: the beginning of the end for R4 Longwave, as they can't get the valves any more. A sad moment indeed, and not merely because I shall miss being able to get TMS on my radio, rather than online; it will also be a blow to people who could pick up R4 in various parts of Europe.

And I do hope that they tell the submariners why Today's gone off the air...
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Fascinating, and very moving story from the Guardian: Jonathan Freedland visits a drop-in centre for elderly Jewish Holocaust survivors where they never serve thin soup and there's always plenty of bread, the particular shape work with them has to take, and some of their stories.
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I've been wondering for a while why I don't really get on with tumblr. I look at it occasionally, mostly for the photos, but I haven't warmed to it. Part of the issue is that it's really hard to find anything, but I think the key is the lack of interactivity - all you can do is pass things on with comment, but you don't get a dialogue going.

And I end up finding it frustrating.

There's a special kind of frustrating when you can see someone talking bollocks, and it getting approvingly forwarded on - I mean, when they're saying something which is demonstrably untrue/ the result of completely misunderstanding a situation (largely because you're feeding it through your own prejudice).

Take this tumblr entry (which I saw via someone on my flist, or whatever you call it, reblogging it), on the "Confession" iPhone app, which the US RC church approved as an aid to the penitent. The post is based on an entirely false - factually false - premise And the rest is going under a cut, because most of you probably don't care that much about the issue )
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An amusing video by Amy Lee Radigan:

Though I can't say I'd want to play _Rose_ to the Doctor. Liz Shaw, possibly. Or Amy. Or Donna, if we could skip the mind-wipe part...

Actually, Barbara. Barbara is the best (yes, I know, I may be missing the point). She is still the companion I'd most like to be, though.

And now, back to participles. Which are evil.
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If you're anywhere near New York City and interested in maps (or New York), may I draw your attention to this exhibition? I rather wish I could go myself.


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