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Am having a very dull day reading about John and the Synoptics. Happily, I was cheered up by a friend sending me a link to that peerless publication, New Directions in Pooh studies.

Recommended for anyone who has had anything to do with OT scholarship in particular. Or, indeed, if you find this sort of thing amusing:

Eeyore's wisdom is philosophical or speculative wisdom; he

thought about things. Sometimes he thought sadly to himself Why?, and sometimes he thought Wherefore?, and sometimes he thought Inasmuch as which?, and sometimes he didn't quite know what he was thinking about (W 4.39-40).

This is arguably the best account that has ever been given of the nature of philosophical thought.
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My reading for my - somewhat uninspiring - systematics essay is not going well ("Is 'faith seeking understanding' a useful understanding of theology?")

Thus, I am wasting time on the internet, and courtesy of Facebook discovered this rather amusing sketch. (Disclaimer: I've never been to an Alpha course meeting, but I'm fairly sure they don't sing 'Michael Row the Boat Ashore'). Nevertheless, it made me smile.

My room is absolutely freezing. It always is when it's windy.
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Double post, since I missed yesterday, and a change of pace. These comic monologues always remind me of my gradfather, who used to recite them at family parties (along with the one about Noah and the carpenter who refuses to charge less than three ha'pence a foot for birds-eye maple - 'the only dry land were at Blackpool, and that were at top of the tower'), and quite a few phases from these have become family catch-phrases....

Albert and the Lion
And mother said, well, I am vexed )
Albert's Return

And Father said, Aye, it would be )
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Moses has written a note on God's Wall: Er, me?
God sent Moses burning bush.
God has written a note on Moses' Wall: Yeah, you.

Despite a slightly dodgy theology of creation, this is very funny. Especially the jokes about the new facebook...
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While we're on the subject of snow, [ profile] offensive_mango had done a very funny and highly accurate English Snow Bingo Card.
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You may have seen the proposed new version of Pride and Prejudice With Extra Zombies?

The Little Professor has some suggestions for other Nineteenth Century classics with zombies. I can't decide if my favourite is Middlemarch (in which the idealistic doctor Lydgate attempts to cure the zombie plague, while failing to notice his wife's odd emptyheadedness, and struggling scholar Casubon gets a really radical idea about how to up his work rate) or He knew he was right, in which the hero becomes irrationally convinced that his wife is a murderous zombie, while seeing nothing at all odd in the fact that his best friend is obssessed with the best way to cook brains....
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You may well have seen this elsewhere, but I can't resist linking to Pride and Prejudice in Facebook form....

Also, cannot stop coughing, or find my wristwatch. Bah.


Mar. 17th, 2008 10:11 pm
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Fantastic error message, for use in theological colleges

The post links to an amusing error message generator, which I am trying not to go and play with...
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A link - shamelessly stolen from [ profile] zoepaleologa - to Great works of literature in lolcat

The obvious tour de force is the 'Lolcat for the Makars', but I also liked the Pangur Ban one, the 'To his coy mistr3ss', and the following snippet of dialogue from the Lolcat 2 Twrs:

nzgl: i can has victim?
drnhlm: no
nzgl: im an admin
nzgl: /kill drnhlm
30wyn: i wuz sockpuppet
nzgl: i is stabid

Am off tomorrow to give paper at a graduate conference in Fribourg. I made u (or at least, the people I'm travelling with) granola, but I brunded it. Happily, though, it was far too much cake anyway, and the centre is quite all right.
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Number 10,304,156 in a series of 'funny things which have a very limited audience, but make me choke with laughter', courtesy of 'Taking the Episcopalian's series of awful illustrations to ecclesiastical suppliers' catalogues: Fr Bilbo.

Also, I have seriously disturbed my roommate by giggling like a loon over the idiotic ecclesiastical gadgets Though I actually think the pyx with the compass in the lid is brilliant and would instantly buy one if I were actually a priest and if they actually existed, God help me, although it's probably too late...

It's been a somewhat annoying day, in various petty ways, but I console myself with the thought of (a) going off to celebrate Carneval on Sunday, (b) Doctor Who DVDs to watch this evening - The Visitation, and (c) a glass of An Cnoc.

Have a good weekend, everyone!
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It's an obvious enough joke, in a Private Eye sort of way, but I can't help sniggering at Ship of Fool's service of thanksgiving for the smoking ban:

Though I am grateful, actually, despite the idiocy of having to display no-smoking signs in churches (in spikey establishments, it's silly on an extra level)

In other news, I've been watching Inferno, the alternative dystopian universe Doctor Who story, in which Three discovers that actually there are worse places to be stuck than our 1970s Earth with a consultancy job at UNIT... What's striking is how different it is to the Star Trek: Mirror, Mirror, where the evil was of a cartoony. camp, over-sexed nature. Inferno is a very British fascist state, and the characters, while twisted away from their natures in 'our' universe. Mirror! Liz is even more buttoned up and proper than her original, but not a scientist and boiling with anger (probably because she's bored). In the Star Trek version, she'd have been wearing leather and carrying out dodgy experiments with unpleasant sexual undertones: this is more believable, sadder, and more frightening. The Brigade-Leader has analogous traits to the Brigadier: the 'good' Lethbridge-Stewart would never, on being informed that a prisoner can't be found in the ID databases, joke "ah well, if he doesn't exist, he won't feel the bullets", but there's something recognisable in that sense of humour. All in all, strangely convincing, despite the de-evolving wolf people, and I'm looking forward to seeing the conclusion, though I don't suppose it will be happy.
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Amusing parody of Torchwood in the style of Dylan Thomas

I particularly enjoyed the reference to The Green Death, and the even slyer one to The Invasion and Victoria's mad Algol skills.


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