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In Potter related news (is it really twenty years? And how many friends would I not have made were it not for Potter?), Stephen Bush of the New Staggers has done a director's commentary of his ancient Harry Potter fic, and it's one of the funniest things I've read in ages.

(He had an LJ aged 12? Precocious or what?)
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Can anyone explain the reference to 'grape' in this post and icon? It's obviously something to do with shipping Hermione/ Snape, but I can't work out what.

ETA: *head-desk* OK, it was bloody obvious. Kids these days, with their smushed ship names, it wasn't like that in my day....
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Courtesy of the kids from the Youth Group on Facebook:

Harry: But there's one thing we've got that Voldemort can never have!

Hermione: What's that, Harry?

Harry: Noses.
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I am reliably informed that the new slang term for an Archdeacon is 'Dementor....'
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A wonderful, funny Harry Potter- Sherlock crossover, The Case of the Unwelcome Owl, by [personal profile] pandarus. Looked at one way, it's crack. Looked at another way, it makes Sherlock canon a lot more comprehensible. Also, it's hilarious:

"That is an envelope, John. I realise that you didn't have the benefit of a truly first rate education, but I should have thought that even you would have been able to correctly identify such a simple object." Sherlock sounded rattled, John thought. Interesting.

"The owl brought it," John said, experimentally.

"Well, obviously," said Sherlock, as though everyone was perfectly well aware that the Royal Mail had a special owl delivery service.

The address, written in turquoise ink in a spidery hand, read:

Sherlock Holmes Esq.
Sulking on the sofa
In the living room
221B Baker Street
The United Kingdom.
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But this is the intersection of Harry Potter and cricket, really: the TMS blog discusses Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Felton's appearance on the programme. You can listen to the interview in streaming or in podcast. Mostly they're talking cricket, but there are some interesting insights into life on the HP set, and they answer some slightly odd questions from TMS' more youthful listeners. They both come over as thoroughly likeable young men.

Tom Felton's right, though: Hagrid's a natural wicket-keeper.

... I think I'm suffering from Test Match Withdrawal syndrome. Send help.
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Have a link to a very amusing cross-over: Harry Potter and the Harry Potter films, by minnow_53.

... it occurs to me that if TMS was on telly, not radio, it would have a massive RPF fandom, a la Top Gear: it's full of surreality and banter, and generally feels as much like eavesdropping on people in a pub in a parallel universe as it does like sports commentary as such.*

(If there is TMS slash out there, I don't think I want to know).

* I'm now vaguely reminded of Herbert McCabe OP on the Trinity:

Think for a moment of a group of three or four intelligent adults relaxing together in one of those conversations that have really taken off. They are being witty and responding quickly to each other – what in Ireland they call ‘the Crack’. Serious ideas may be at issue, but no one is being serious. Nobody is being pompous or solemn (nobody is preaching). There are flights of fancy. There are jokes and puns and irony and mimicry and disrespect and self-parody … Now this child is like us when we hear about the Trinity.
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Harry Potter - spoilers )
The Daemons )

Two comments: why did Torchwood have to wait so long to get this good? It was, dare I say it... grown up.

Also, I see John Barrowman managed to get his pants off /Rickman.
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Short account of evening:

Went punting; had dinner with [personal profile] nineveh_uk and then went to see Harry Potter, which I very much enjoyed despite the over-excited audience. Rickman particularly good, Broadbent pretty good as Slughorn (but too thin!), Gambon good as Dumbledore (and I normally dislike him). Extraordinarily beautiful film, mostly in (sometimes tinted) monochrome, with effective use of colour as and when.

Broke key of bike in lock, so (a) will be walking home and (b) first order of business tomorrow, find bolt cutters (and somehow move bike from Parish Church to college, that being the most likely source of the aforementioned).

The Grauniad has been helpfully providing a series of Italian phrasebooks. I particularly liked today's, which told me how to say 'I saw you at the lunchtime Mass', 'What did you think of Fr X's sermon?', 'Is there a Mass in English?', 'I need to find a priest' and 'Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.' It also included the necessary phrases for 'Would you like to come up for a coffee?' and 'Turn over, you're snoring'. Truly, it covers a multitude of.... bases.
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So the Epistle (or for-the-Epistle, really) at Mass today was Acts 23. Which is one of the courtroom scenes, in which Paul manages to start a riot between his accusers with one single sentence.

I think - especially given the scene after the shipwreck at Malta where Paul is attacked by a poisonous snake, before it decides that no, actually, it doesn't want Apostle for its dinner - we need not wonder who's the patron saint of Slytherin.
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A really marvellous bit of crack, in which Harry and Snape are forced to go undercover together in Ambridge, initially polyjuiced as Eddie and Clarrie Grundy. And after that, it gets complicated...

"Even if it's a plot, it would be a pretty daft one, wouldn't it? Sort of pointless?"

"Ah, summer in Ambridge", said Snape softly. "How could I forget it?"
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[personal profile] undomielregina's observation that Draco Malfoy 'is basically Flashman' now makes me think that there is potential for Flashmanesque (in the GMF sense) Harry Potter future fics starring Draco as an unrepentant letcher, coward and all round resourceful cad...

Also on the subject of fics I would quite like to write but probably never will, ever since I recalled that the execrable Left Behind books are mostly set in Chicago, I have vaguely wanted to write a story in which Rayford Steele and Buck Cameron are pwned by Harry and Michael (and wouldn't they find the combination of an agnostic wizard and a Roman Catholic infuriating?). I think the plot would have to involve the "Rapture" really being some sort of black magic, and the egregiously incompetent Tribulation Force would keep getting the wrong end of the stick and under our heroes' feet.
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Title: PUSH.

Potter-fic, finally finished, with great difficulty. Originally written for the [ profile] omniocular “Totally not Bad-fic” challenge; the relevant cliché was ‘Evangelical who objects to magic goes to Hogwarts.’
Warnings: It’s absurdly long (11451 words), and episodic. Contains religion, for obvious reasons. Mostly OCs, though Hermione, Ginny and McGonagall feature. I probably ought to warn for the fact that it contains an Evangelical being pig-headed, and an Anglo-Catholic being a git. It also contains Catholic! Weasleys, largely for pragmatic plot related reasons (though there must be some reason Percy’s middle name is Ignatius), and while it sends up various versions of Christianity, it is written from a Christian standpoint.

Also, I think it obtained a subtext about something other than magic from somewhere )
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Well, after spending altogether too much time this evening watching vids, I can only say thank you for the recs so far - I think my favourite so far is In Exchange for Your Tomorrows, a Snape-centric vid by Lim to 'The Houseof the Rising Sun' (in a rather unusual version).

Also, [ profile] calapine's Timelords built this City on Rock and Roll will almost certainly never stop being amusing. Calapine is also responsible for The Man in Black: a Delgado! Master fan vid, which is wrong on many levels but still irresistible (much like the Master, really.)

I could link to Allchanges Doctor/ Jack vid to the Wise Guy's "Ohrwurm", but then one of you would kill me. What's more, I'd deserve it.

Though it is rather well done. Ich bin ziemlich penetrant, sonst wäre ich gar nicht so bekannt...

Meme sheep

Sep. 30th, 2008 01:11 pm
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Why not - this is a deserving classic. Courtesy, this time round, of [ profile] dolorous_ett

Name a character from one of my fandoms, and I'll give you either:

(a) three facts about them from my personal canon/fanon,
(b) a reason he/she sucks,
(c) a reason he/she is awesomecakes,
(d) five things that never happened to that character, or
(e) five people that character never fell in love with and why.

For the purposes of this exercise, my fandoms can be defined as Doctor Who (including SJA but not including Torchwood), Harry Potter, Narnia, the Wimseyverse, "Master and Commander", Arthur Ransome, Star Trek: TOS and DS9, John Buchan, Dalziel and Pascoe (bookverse only, unless you count my belief that the TV characters have been gradually replaced by pod people) and Wolfram von Eschenbach (just to be pretentious). I also tentatively append the Vorkosiverse, as I haven't read all of canon yet. I would like to add Hermann Kant's "Die Aula", but I think I am in a fandom of one on that count (though one day I might crack and reveal my theory as to why canon as it stands doesn't stack up, and what conclusions we might draw from this - other than that our viewpoint character is charming, but ultimately a self-centred idiot, if not something worse).
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Came across a nice little fic on the Pit of Voles (I know!); Bagheera's Five Moments of Doubt - missing moments from Deadly Hallows, in which five people at Hogwarts look at Snape, and briefly wonder if things are quite what they seem. I particularly like the Ginny one, and the last one, with McGonnagal, has a bit of a sting in the tail...

In other news: copy-typing references = really, really boring.


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