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For [personal profile] sophia_gratia, who ancourages my worst tendencies to get theology in my fic.

Title: Lead, Kindly Light.

Fandom: DS9
Character: Kai Opaka
Words: 608.
Warnings: None relevant.

Summary: It was only after she had died for the third time that the existential questions began to bother her )
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I haven't really forgotten the Star Trek meme, though you are getting some answers in a batch.
1 - Which Star Trek is your favorite?

2 - Who is your favorite character? )

3 - Who is your least favourite character? )

4 - What was the first Star Trek series you watched? )

5 - What was the first episode/movie you watched? )

6 - Your favorite canon pairing? (Canon being the series and the movies, including the reboot.)

7 - Your favorite non-canon pairing?

8 - Your favorite actor/actress? (Not the same as character.)

9 - What's your favorite episode?

10 - What's your favorite species? (Humans are a species as well.)

11 - What's your least favorite species? (See question 9 about species.)

12 - What's your favorite funny moment?

13 - What's your favorite dramatic moment?

14 - What's your favorite Star Trek quote?

15 - How did you get into Star Trek?

16 - Are you involved with Star Trek fandom?

17 - Have you read any of the books? If so, which ones?

18 - If you could be any species in the Star Trek universe, what would you be?

19 - How did the Star Trek reboot affect you?

20 - Of the minor characters (one shots, not the recurring ones) who's your favorite?

21 - Which Star Trek food would you want to try at least once?

22 - Which Star Trek world would you want to visit at least once?

23 - Is there anything you'd want to change about Star Trek? Why?

24 - Is there anything about Star Trek that has disappointed you?

25 - How has Star Trek changed you?

26 - Lots of Star Trek Parodies out there. Which do you dig?

27 - What would you cross over with Star Trek?

28 - If you could change one thing about Star Trek, what would it be?

29 - If you could tell Gene Roddenberry one thing, Star Trek related or not, what would it be?

30 - What's your favourite film?
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I thought I would have a bash at this, even though some of the questions are a bit daft, because it gives me a chance to talk about Trek!

1 - Which Star Trek is your favorite?

Deep Space Nine, without a doubt. Long plotty arcs, a brilliant ensemble cast of characters - and some wonderful recurring guests, such as Garak, Dukat, Cassidy, and above all the superlative Kai Winn, politics, people who don't necessarily love Star Fleet but aren't 'bad guys', and did I mention the characters? One of the wonderful things about Nine is the web of relationships and interactions between the main (and minor) characters, the way the backstory keeps affecting them - and I also love the fact that they took Worf and O'Brian and made them into truly memorable characters. I love the sense of friendship (especially because sometimes it gets complicated and strained) - Jadzia and Ben, Kira and Jadzia, the developing friendship between Julian and Miles, Julian's fascinated, slashy relationship with Garak.

The fact that it treats faith much more richly and intelligently than any of the other Treks, of course, makes me even more fond of it. Ben's journey, over the series, is pretty brilliantly done - the reluctant acceptance of a vocation that turns out to be something even more fundamental. Kira, whose faith and her struggles with it (and her struggles with working for the Emissary) are fundamental to what makes her Kira. And the handling of the dark side of faith is just as good - Winn is a tragic and all too believable figure, and I suspect every priest has the potential to turn into her. And then there's Dukat, who wants to instrumentalise the Pah Wraiths as he has consistently tried to instrumentalise everything to do with Bajor, and gets turned into a tool himself. But I find Winn's fall scarier, because that's the sort of corruption of the good that happens all the time, without any special effects, and sometimes without anyone noticing.

The runner up is classic Trek (and the movies), because that's where it all started, and because of the wonderful trio of characters at the centre of it: Kirk, Spock, and Bones. Or to be honest, Spock, Kirk, and Bones, because Spock was always my favourite. Also, I love the way TOS can veer wildly between the serious and the moving to the honest-to-God crack. I mean, you'd hardly believe "City on the Edge of Forever" and "Shore Leave" were the same series. And sometimes you get the same weird tension in the same story. "The Naked Time" has some exceedingly funny scenes (Sulu swashbuckling and addressing Uhura as "Fair maiden!" and Uhura's dead-pan, "Sorry, neither"!), and some heartbreak as well.

It follows that "Trials and Tribblations" is one of the best things ever and guaranteed to make me smile. (But is it my favourite episode EVAR? Watch this space).

The rest of the questions. )
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Wow. Fandom secrets brings us wildly inaccurate, classist, tea wank.

It reminded me of my headcanon about Picard, though (I always forget that I do actually have canon about Picard, though he's the only TNG character, other than Miles and Worf* that I care enough to do this for). Having been puzzled for ages as to why a supposed Frenchman is so damned British, I concluded that it's of a wider piece with his attitude to his family, and his flight from his responsibilities to the family business. I bet he cultivated raging Anglophilia as a kid, just to differentiate himself. No coffee, just tea (imported from England, not a French blend), much to his parents' irritation. Shakespeare ("classical French drama is lifeless!"). And then, of course, running away to sea to be a sailor joining Starfleet.

I bet he was a really annoying teenager, and probably a bit of a hipster.

* Who I always basically think of as DS9 people, even though this doesn't make much sense for Worf. But I never felt his colleagues on the Enterprise appreciated him properly.
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I was poking around youtube (as you do), and found this trailer introducing Deep Space 9 to an unsuspecting world. It's interesting to see, in retrospect, how they sell it (though I do wonder why they picked chunks of the TOS-crew film sound tracks to accompany it). The narration is deeply cheesy (though occasionally subverted, as when we cut from a promise of "exotic pleasures" and a massage or something in a holosuite, to Kira telling Quark "If you don't take your hand off my hip you'll never raise it again." I'd forgotten Quark was quite that sleazy early on), but the selection of clips does give a decent feel for the first season, I think. Though of course it dwells rather on the links with TNG.

Four minutes long. It's rather a shame we don't get that much detail in trailers for new series now - though admittedly they'd probably get very dull if you didn't like the look of things!

So: good intro to DS9, or not?
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Watched Past Tense. There are moments when it feels like a party political broadcast (Julian and Sisko's last exchange, mostly), but it's a frightening and well-realised dystopia that actually feels more current than it did at transmission. I'd forgotten how good it was.

Also, while the computer terminals are a bit of a futuristic! fail, decent use of the internet, and the costuming department did a beautiful job. The use of vaguely Depression era, but twisted/ modified clothes probably helped the budget, but they're pretty believable as a near-future look while suggesting the mass poverty, unemployment, and lack of health-care that creates the crisis the episodes focus on.
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I don't think my response to not having time to reply to comments by posting more, but this exchange amused me...

Tree: Apparently this theatre company's doing a Klingon version of "A Christmas Carol". Scrooge is a warrior who's lost his honour... I wonder what the Ferengi version's like?

Lawyer: Oh, that's easy, it's a tale of how a business man who has fallen into destructive habits of altruism is reminded that profit's what counts.

Tree:... You mean it's Atlas Shrugged?

And very soon we will be off to Edinburgh. The worst National Rail Enquiries* is predicting is half hour delays, but some trains have been cancelled, so wish us luck...

*Not Inquiries, spellchecker, thankyouverymuch.
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It's probably a good idea that I have never particularly been the type of fanfic writer who goes in for the high-school AU type of story, because after all, if the characters don't have their canon pasts, are they really the characters? A strict AU where one thing's changed and you go on with the consequences from that is one thing, but "The crew of the Enterprise work for a fashion magazine!" is just ... not my sort of thing.

So I shan't be writing the Church of England AU version of Deep Space Nine, and not merely on grounds of taste. You should all be jolly grateful that you are not having a story inflicted on you which would involve Sisko as the reluctant new incumbent of a small, struggling urban parish, Kira as his curate and a militant member of WATCH, Dukat as the priest of the next door, Forward in Faith, parish, Miles as the luckless parishoner and PCC-member who - due to his technical expertise as an electrical engineer - gets to stop the church falling down, Odo as the churchwarden, and Garak as a newish parishoner who used to go to Dukat's church but has left for murky and unspecified reasons. Sisko would be a widower, and have had his arm twisted into taking the parish by the bishop (Picard?) It would also feature Bariel and Winn as incumbents of other nearby parishes - Bariel has SCP written all over him; I'm not so sure about Winn, but she would become Archdeacon after Archdeacon Opaka dies unexpectedly (possibly in unexplained and vaguely murky circumstances).

So, as I say, you've been spared dialogue like:

"Dear me, these frontals really are in a shocking state. I can repair them, of course, but." Elim pursed his lips disapprovingly. "Are you sure you wouldn't like me to run up some new ones? I would be happy to. When I think of S. Chad's, Father, all that gorgeous Watts stuff..."

Ben gritted his teeth. "I think these are more than adequate for our needs. I'm sorry we don't live up to the glories of Chads."

Elim smiled, "Oh, tat isn't everything, I'm much happier here than at Chad's - at least these days. Though I must say, I may not like the man, but Fr Dukat does say a lovely Mass."


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