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There is a pious Catholic out there who runs a blog ( dedicated to chibi-ish pictures of the saints (I think the idea is that they're for use in catechesis with children, but they're a bit too sugary for my taste).

Today's saint of the day is S. Dominic Savio, but he appears to be being played by the Eleventh Doctor...
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I was going to post the mock-trailer mashing up "The Thick of It" and Doctor Who, but on rewatching it, I noticed that they cut from Malcolm saying "You need to shut your fucking mouth" to a picture of River, so, no. I do not wish to give airtime to gratuitous character bashing, especially when it has such obvious misogynist overtones (note that it wasn't actually one of Malcolm's better lines).

Which is a pity,* because mostly the vid is well-done and funny, particularly the use of the line "finally life is interesting again, I was so fucking bored", and of course the final use of a vaguely sinister final line suggesting that someone is being used as an unwitting pawn in some sinister scheme is a very Moffat-era-trailerish thing to do, even though I suspect the original context was just Malcolm being rude to someone.

On a more positive note: I for one welcome our new Scottish overlord. Please can he keep his accent this time, BBC?

* You could have used Davros! That's the kind of joke he's made for! It would be like the "unlimited rice pudding speech", but with more Tucker-esque swearing!
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Title: More Important Than Rhubarb.
Fandom: Doctor Who.
Character: Amelia Pond.
Words: 300.
For [personal profile] white_hart.

Her aunty had bought rhubarb again. )
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Death is Jack's constant companion. What's more noteworthy, in a way, is the fact that he's also on his Christmas card list.

Funny, and rather touching.
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This is not the most polished fic in existence, but it has been EATING MY BRAIN even more than my rejoicing over (spoliers deleted because I can't remember how to do invisible text) has, so.

Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: River, the Doctor.
Spoilers: For A Good Man Goes to War, and also for a good chunk of Old Who.
Warnings: none applicable.
Words: 599.

Spoilers, Sweetie )
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Doctor Who fans: go at once and watch this utterly gorgeous vid by [personal profile] such_heights. Doctor/ TARDIS, to Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne."
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Title: Unfinished Business.
Characters/ Pairing: Dr Liz Shaw/ Brigadier Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart.
Rating: 15. I expect that’s what the BBFC would give it, anyway.
Warnings: none, other than the fact that this is not my normal sort of fic. For a start, there is actual sex, and the fade to black cuts in quite late.
Summary: Liz has unfinished business with the Brigadier. She thought she’d accepted it would have to stay that way…

I’m not asking you to marry me, but I’m not after something meaningless, either )
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Um... really?

You are Martha Jones
You are Martha Jones
Take The Doctor Who Personality Test and Horoscope today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.
You have it all. You are smart, beautiful and compassionate. You are concerned about the well being of others. You are adventurous and are always willing to try new things. You fall in love at the drop of a hat, but will stand your ground if someone else comes on too strong. Plus, you have a cousin that looks identical to you. Your future is, as yet, undetermined. But, it most likely involves getting your heart broken and finishing graduate school.
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An amusing video by Amy Lee Radigan:

Though I can't say I'd want to play _Rose_ to the Doctor. Liz Shaw, possibly. Or Amy. Or Donna, if we could skip the mind-wipe part...

Actually, Barbara. Barbara is the best (yes, I know, I may be missing the point). She is still the companion I'd most like to be, though.

And now, back to participles. Which are evil.
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I hope I'm not the only person who thinks that sexually voracious is a ridiculous way to describe Amy.

... I wasn't wild about the scene where she jumped on the Doctor (actually, it hit my embarrassment squick), but one impulsive decision in the aftermath of surviving Scary Things doesn't make you Messalina. Neither, come to that, does being a kissogram, though again, I don't think it's an ideal career path. But Amy has agency, and the length of her skirts doesn't change that.*

In conclusion: can we please stop playing the slut-shaming card?

* I suppose, since it was a different time, we needn't bring the length skirt of Liz Shaw, all round brilliant scientist, into it....
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Pst! As [personal profile] calapine points out, today for one day only Big Finish are having a rather fabulous sale. The first 50 Doctor Who Big Finishes for £5 a pop...

Be right back, am buying at the very least The Church and the Crown.

(I highly recommend Spare Parts, a chilling Cybermen origins story, and The Council of Nicaea, because it contains theological in-jokes and Five being a church history geek and was clearly thus written specially for me, even if it is a bit pro-gnostic. NB, it is agreed to be very good even by people who are not Anglo-Catholic loons).

ETA: The Church of Nicaea isn't in the sale, tragically. But Spare Parts is, and it is excellent.
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Nothing much to say about the finale of Who, as yet, for I am tired, except: loved it.

Actually, here is some incoherent spoilerish babble )
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I have had a somewhat annoying day and am feeling grouchy and fed up - but instead of me dwelling on that, have a link to a very amusing missing scene from The Lodger by [personal profile] calapine, which is definitely what happened.

Of course, you may well have read it already, but if not, go forth and read it.
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I was going to make a longer review post for Vincent and the Doctor, but have accepted that time constraints mean this isn't going to happen this week.

So: I loved it. )
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In the course of a discussion complaining that Moffat!Who is overly heteronormative, the OP remarks that Fr. Octavian and River are implied to be in a relationship, though we later discover this is not true.

Were they? I mean, clearly it was implied that there was something they both knew that they were concerned to keep from the Doctor, but I never took it as sexual (the possibilities I considered most strongly before we got the reveal about her being on day-release were (a) that River was being blackmailed into co-operating with Octavian's order or (b), less likely, that River was voluntarily working for them to trap the Doctor - but Octavian seemed too decent for that*).

Did I miss something really obvious? I dunno - perhaps I am inclined to presume until other evidence offers that a religious is celibate unless other evidence offers, though I am perfectly well aware that, well, people screw up. Or, indeed, around. But I don't recall anything in the text which seemed to imply a sexual relationship, other than River's personality naturally being a bit flirtatious.

In any case, I'd have said Fr Octavian and his deacons went in the non-heteronormative canon: celibates may be gay or straight or bi or asexual, but they don't understand their lives in terms of the aspiration to marriage.

Unlike a lot of RTD's female characters.

* Outside candidate (c) (River had got religion and was actually a postulant or novice) never, alas, seemed plausible.


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