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I think it was [personal profile] nanila who introduced me to the concept of pancit bihon. It's amazing. (I have been making a slightly inauthentic version because it's Lent and using tofu alongside the shrimp instead of a meat, but I look forward to trying the carnivorous version too...
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Has something happened to LJ? I clicked to a user profile (it looked like a legit link) on a fan works rec post, and it took me to a porn site (in the sense of a site where you can buy videos of nude women, not in the sense of fan works).
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As usual in Lent, we are doing meat-free (and mostly fish free) meals (always on the look out for good vegetarian weekday teas, incidentally). The way I cook, that means lots of pulses, and as the Asian brands are generally cheaper*, the Ocado algorithm appears to have decided that ALL I want to cook is Indian food, so it kept trying to get me to buy chapatti flour and jaggery... mind you, I might try chapattis some time.

* I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with a kilo of gram flour, but it was cheaper (in absolute terms, not just by the gram!) than 200g of Waitrose chickpea flour, so I guess I'll think of something.
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Why do I keep forgetting how much I like k.d. lang's "Hymns of the 49th Parallel"?
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So - Disco season 2 episode 1 - what do we think?

Ware spoilers in comments.
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Has someone recced my Doctor Who story "Unfinished Business" somewhere? I'm getting a small flurry of kudos on it (which is very nice). It's absolutely not typical of my usual fic (because it's basically smut), such as it is, though, so anyone looking for more of the same will be disappointed....
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The [profile] james_davis_nicholls 100 SFF books to read meme

Italic = read it. Underlined = not this, but something by the same author. Strikethrough = did not finish.

Books below the cut )
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I know that what is obscure knowledge is very much culturally relative, but I am still boggling at the idea that there's something particularly revolutionary or clever about using the sodding Skye Boat Song (melody thereof) as the theme tune of a tv series dealing with the '45 and its aftermath.

I mean, all credit to Bear McCreary, the composer for going on to use it in an interesting variety of ways (though the Stevenson poem was deliberately written to fit the metre of the SBS, rather than it being McCreary's idea to put the two together), but still...
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I bought an Instantpot in the Boxing Day sales. Anyone have any tips, tricks or recipes they'd care to share?
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Well, the fact that half the country's travel arrangements are paralysed by some drones really bodes well for Brexit, doesn't it?
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An article, which might be of interest to some readers, on the links between Anglo-Catholicism, Theosophy, and the Occult.
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[personal profile] oursin gave me five questions (a while ago - apologies!); comment if you'd like me to ask you five.

1. If you could pick a superpower, what would it be?

Definitely flying. It would be fun!

2. Favourite theologian?

Julian of Norwich. Both creative and sensible, not a common combination, and very hopeful. (I am also very fond of Thomas Aquinas, particularly his suggestion for dealing with low mood - a warm bath and a glass of wine). In third place, Eckhart, for being consistently challenging.

3. Assuming all immunisations in order in advance, what period of history would you like to visit?

Tricky, but I'm going to go for the fourteenth century, which is where I did most of my academic work. It would be very interesting to see what it was actually like, and talk to some theologians. Fortunately most of my favourites were either women or members of mendicant orders, who were used to talking to women.

4. Role in a film you would really like to have seen Bogart play (the fact that he was no longer alive or too old is immaterial)?

This is a slightly silly suggestion, but Aragorn in Lord of the Rings - not sure how he'd have done being kingly, but it would have been interesting, and he could certainly do the 'seeming foul and feeling fair.'

5. Which Swallows and Amazons character would you rather be shipwrecked with?

If close enough to civilisation that there's a possibility of building a raft and sailing there, John. If there are likely to be hostile people about, Nancy. If we're going to be stuck there for a bit, definitely Susan.
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Oh Tor, that essay on how much hobbits can drink wasn't that good the first time around, there's no need to repost it now....
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I came across a post on Language Log - the story which inspired it is well worth clicking through, too, as it's the tale of one Australian farmer* trying to get rid of her 'arsehole geese' on social media with radical honesty.

What brought me up short, though, was the author's observation that

Most dictionaries I consulted classify "arsehole" as vulgar and offensive, but I always thought of it as a jocular, watered-down version of another word.

And I sat there racking my brains as to what on earth 'arsehole' could be a jocular euphemism for. I mean, surely he couldn't mean 'cunt', because it's not the same body part at all....

The comments shed more light, and a consensus emerged that North Americans seem likely to think that 'arsehole' is a humorous/ archaic term that's less offensive than 'asshole', whereas British and Australians tend to think that 'asshole' is a relatively harmless Americanism.

They then continue on to a brief discussion of the difficulties nonnative speakers have in working out how offensive particular swearwords are (see: the baffling belief of many Germans that 'fuck' is not actually that rude). But it's fascinating to see the same phenomenon at work between two regional varieties of the same language!

* Though I'm not sure how long they've been farming; I could have told you geese were potentially trouble!
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So tired. For no particularly good reason, either....
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Find myself baffled by this list of SF books that aren't set in 'bleak dystopias.' I enjoyed "Ninefox Gambit," but in what sense is it not set in a horrific wasteland full of human rights violations?

And the Empire of Ancilliary Justice is not actually one I'd be queuing up to live in, what with the constant surveillance, the tyrannical and fractured government, and, oh yes, a military that recruits its grunts by murdering conquered people and turning their bodies into AI controlled drones. I mean, I love tea, but...

(I suspect what they actually mean is 'SF that's not grimdark!', but even then, I'm confused by the inclusion of Ninefox Gambit...)


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