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I have had a somewhat annoying day and am feeling grouchy and fed up - but instead of me dwelling on that, have a link to a very amusing missing scene from The Lodger by [personal profile] calapine, which is definitely what happened.

Of course, you may well have read it already, but if not, go forth and read it.
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This fic is... strange. It's sort of Doctor Who - Inklings - Wimsey crossover, but it doesn't work in the universe of my previous essay in that line, and... well, see for yourself. It also contains an appalling number of in-jokes.

Title: Mythic Overtones
Characters: C.S. Lewis, sort of an OC but not exactly, Ten (off-stage).
The scene is Oxford, some time in the fifties.
733 words of U-rated gen. Only warning required is, I think, one for crack, or perhaps crypticness.

How are the exciting adventures of the Doctor progressing? )
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*sigh* Why is it that a determination to be productive academically leads to the urge to write fic?

Title: Correlation and Causality
Characters: One, Three, Susan.
Spoilers: inspired by a throw-away line in Planet of the Dead, but no spoilers for the episode.
Rating: U, gen.
Words: 740.
Summary: Ten seems quite confident that he knows what happened that first Easter. But it wouldn't be the first time the Doctor's exaggerated how close he was to historical events, or that he's leaped to conclusions...
Vaguely inspired by Spike's comment in Buffy about how more people remember being at the Crucifixion than can possibly have been there.
Warnings: Um, results from slight irritation with RTD's attempts to do theology? I nearly called it "Happy Easter, emo Time Lord", but decided not to.

Between you and me, what really happened was- )
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Title: Girl in Every Port
Author: [ profile] tree_and_leaf
Characters: Sarah-Jane Smith, etc.
Rating: PG.
Words:: 1177
Spoilers: School Reunion, Hand of Fear.
Summary: She knew this man when she was younger. Just not the one the Doctor was thinking of.
She had hardy been able to believe her ears when the Doctor had asked if she hadn’t settled down with someone and had kids )
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If you like either Doctor Who or Gilbert and Sullivan, you absolutely must read Fallacy Somewhere, a very funny historical genfic by [ profile] dbskyler. It's marvelous fun and full of amusing references to both Who canon and Gilbert-and-Sullivaniana....
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Saw an interesting meme somewhere the other day: using the shuffle on your mp3 player, you get four random songs and write drabbles to go with them. I've done the first one, anyway, though it's inspired by the title, rather than the song. (Homeward Bound, by Simon and Garfunkel, and probably the best song ever inspired by a wet evening on a platform at Wigan station).

Mickey-centric, with spoilers for "Journey's End" (is there anyone out there who cares about it who can still be spoiled?).

Homeward Bound
I suppose this is PG rather than U, for once. 200 words on the nose. )


The other songs were "Nothing Ever Happens" by Del Amitri, which is currently saying 'Donna' to me, "The Rocky Road to Dublin" by the Chieftains, which says nothing at all at present but ought to be fun, and "Without You" by Nilson, which is far too emo to appeal right now, especially after the others, but I suppose one ought to play fair with random generators.
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Just have to recommend an excellent fic, Musings by [ profile] selenak, about the Doctor's attitude to war, the Brigadier's destruction of the Silurians, and Harriet Jones. Good characterisation, sympathy for both sides, a nice take on the Doctor and the Master - and a really good Brigadier.
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I really ought to have been reading Latin, instead of writing this. Ah well…

Title: Another Time, Another Time
Characters: The Fifth Doctor, the Brigadier, with a certain cricketing enthusiast off-stage.
Summary: I saw Len Hutton in his prime/ Another time, another time. What if the Doctor did take the Brigadier on a trip in the TARDIS after all?
Length: 500 words
Disclaimer: I don’t own Doctor Who, or the unseen guest star (whose identity is left as a rather easy puzzle for the reader). The title is, of course, derived from Harold Pinter’s poem (quoted above in its entirety!), and the Doctor quotes from Francis Thomson’s “At Lords”
Warning: Contains cricket geekishness.

For the field is full of shades as I near a shadowy coast )
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to my Master-centric fic for the Doctor Who 'Church on Time' ficathon. Contains minor spoilers for The Daemons and shameless quoting of the BCP, because there are few things in life that can't be improved by a bit of Cranmer.
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It is, in fact, a Doctor Who/ Kidnapped crossover ficlet. The Doctor and Alan Breck, with Sarah-Jane Smith in a non-speaking part. Possibly slightly cracky.

Title: "To Absent Friends"
Characters: Three, Alan Breck Stewart.
Summary: The Doctor asks after an old friend.
Words: 628.

Am not the BBC, etc. Alan Breck Stewart has wandered out of "Kidnapped", though he was a historical character, but I'm not Robert Louis Stevenson either, I just wish I could write as well as he does.

To Absent Friends )
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Here's another Christmas fic, or rather a fragment. At the moment it's more of a bunny looking for a plot, but I have a few ideas.... It is, at any rate, Third Doctor; in fact, it's a Who/ Potter crossover.

Title: Alastor Moody and the Fury in the Dark
Characters: Moody, the Doctor, Lethbridge-Stewart, Liz Shaw.

The irresistable force meets the immovable object )
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What it says on the tin. Works on the basis of widely held fan assumptions about this season's Big Bad.

Characters: Martha, Mr Saxon (gen)
Rating: PG at most.
Spoilers (I suppose) for the trailer and various rumours. The Doctor etc are property of the BBC, and so on. Misappropriation of a Sayers line.

Nothing more deadly than principles )
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The Christmas gift-fics are going to come in no particular order, I'm afraid, and probably over a long period of time. I've got two to post today, anyway. The first one is for [ profile] aervir, who asked for Rose spending a non-emo Christmas post Doomsday.

500 word ficlet, gen, spoilers (I suppose) for Doomsday. Also contains a McGuffin borrowed from The Green Death. Characters belong to the BBC, not for profit, etc.

Merry Christmas )
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Having been prodded to do this by [ profile] aervir, and a tweaked version of a ficlet posted elsewhere.

Doctor Who, Pertwee-era, not long after Spearhead from Space. The BBC owns everything mentioned here except the University of Cambridge, and the reference to the Gospels.
Ficlet, barely het.
Summary: Liz can't wait to get back to Cambridge: the Brigadier is driving her up the wall.

Though you couldn’t get rid of the undergraduates with a transmitter. Pity, really. )


Jun. 16th, 2006 10:22 am
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Doctor Who double drabble for [ profile] aervir, who challenged me to do it a while ago. Ten and Rose in Oxford, sometime in the eighties.

“Well,” said the Doctor, cheerfully. “That’s the Autons seen to. Again. You’d think they’d get a better plan than murderous shop dummies, at least after the first half dozen times.”

The Doctor and Rose were standing on the High in Oxford, surrounded by the shards of the window of Shepherd and Woodward, through which a series of Autons in academic dress had burst. The Doctor was casually leafing through a copy of the University Gazette, wherever that had come from.

“So, where to now?” said Rose, as the Doctor whistled in surprise.

“We’re getting changed and going to Encaenia, to see a dear old friend of mine.”

“Where’s that, then?”


Rose was fed up. The benches of the Sheldonian Theatre were unbelievably uncomfortable. Encaenia, apparently, was pointless processions and dull speeches. And the clothes…

“I feel like a schoolgirl” she hissed at the Doctor, before he dashed off to shake the hand of a military-looking bloke called something-Stewart, who had just been made doctor of international law. “At least you got to wear evening dress. And why do you get fancier robes than me?”

He spread wide arms clad in red and French grey. “Because, Rose, I’m the Doctor!”

Explanatory notes for those not familiar with Oxford: Shepherd and Woodward is one of the three academic outfitters. Ede and Ravenscroft, also on the high, is considerably posher, and for that reason would never have plastic manequins. Encaenia is the ceremony, held in the Sheldonian Theatre where honourary degrees are conferred upon a strange mixture of the academically and professionally distinguished. The Sheldonian's seats really are notoriously uncomfortable, to the point that you wonder if they're actually dangerous. Rose is unhappy because she has been forced to wear sub-fusc, explained here, where, as a bonus, there is also a photo of the Doctor of Philosophy gown, which the Doctor is wearing.


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