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A good New Year to one and all, and many may you see!

Still, I'm very sad to hear of the death of CMJ, excellent cricket commentator, and one of the voices of summer, hushed far too soon. I hadn't even realised he was ill, though I was a little worried when he wasn't commentating this year... May he rest in peace.
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Some of you may well enjoy this tribute to the great Basil D'Olivera, when Frank Keating interviewed him back in 2001, for his eightieth (probably) birthday.
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Cricket's always had its seamy side, but it's still rather unexpected (and heartening) to find a team thriving in one of the most notorious parts of LA, even if, sadly a proposed tour of the UK couldn't take place because of lack of funds.

American cricket is surely ripe for revival (yes, revival; after all, as the article mentions, the world's first international cricket match was between the US and Canada).

Also (sort of) cricket-related: the beginning of the end for R4 Longwave, as they can't get the valves any more. A sad moment indeed, and not merely because I shall miss being able to get TMS on my radio, rather than online; it will also be a blow to people who could pick up R4 in various parts of Europe.

And I do hope that they tell the submariners why Today's gone off the air...
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Wordle: Tree and Leaf's LJ

Wordle for my LJ, which since it takes only the public posts on the front page, mostly consists of the twitter feed for the last few days. I do seem a bit obsessed with cricket, and also seem to chat to parrot_knight a lot on twitter...
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But this is the intersection of Harry Potter and cricket, really: the TMS blog discusses Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Felton's appearance on the programme. You can listen to the interview in streaming or in podcast. Mostly they're talking cricket, but there are some interesting insights into life on the HP set, and they answer some slightly odd questions from TMS' more youthful listeners. They both come over as thoroughly likeable young men.

Tom Felton's right, though: Hagrid's a natural wicket-keeper.

... I think I'm suffering from Test Match Withdrawal syndrome. Send help.
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Have a link to a very amusing cross-over: Harry Potter and the Harry Potter films, by minnow_53.

... it occurs to me that if TMS was on telly, not radio, it would have a massive RPF fandom, a la Top Gear: it's full of surreality and banter, and generally feels as much like eavesdropping on people in a pub in a parallel universe as it does like sports commentary as such.*

(If there is TMS slash out there, I don't think I want to know).

* I'm now vaguely reminded of Herbert McCabe OP on the Trinity:

Think for a moment of a group of three or four intelligent adults relaxing together in one of those conversations that have really taken off. They are being witty and responding quickly to each other – what in Ireland they call ‘the Crack’. Serious ideas may be at issue, but no one is being serious. Nobody is being pompous or solemn (nobody is preaching). There are flights of fancy. There are jokes and puns and irony and mimicry and disrespect and self-parody … Now this child is like us when we hear about the Trinity.
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I would describe the Church Times Cricket competition as the most English thing imaginable (sample sentence from match report in latest CT: "the Bishop of Wolverhampton, Gregory, was not out for 103"), except googling 'Church Times Cricket Competition" brought up this report from Lambeth last year, an account of a sermon by the Right Rev Duleep de Chickera, Bishop of Colombo, a liberal, where the light relief in an otherwise hard-hitting sermon was an allusion to cricket-playing as a means of ecumenism. So it's probably an Anglican thing.

(On a side note, that report contains the phrase 'the gay agenda', which I have become incapable of disassociating from mostly ironic use in Doctor Who fandom...)
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Hm. So we've now got an England attack which seems to do best on bouncy, lively pitches. Remind me why Old Trafford isn't on the Ashes fixture list next summer?

Probably won't be about on LJ much for the next while - apart from anything else, I've got a lot of unpacking of boxes to do....
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I really ought to have been reading Latin, instead of writing this. Ah well…

Title: Another Time, Another Time
Characters: The Fifth Doctor, the Brigadier, with a certain cricketing enthusiast off-stage.
Summary: I saw Len Hutton in his prime/ Another time, another time. What if the Doctor did take the Brigadier on a trip in the TARDIS after all?
Length: 500 words
Disclaimer: I don’t own Doctor Who, or the unseen guest star (whose identity is left as a rather easy puzzle for the reader). The title is, of course, derived from Harold Pinter’s poem (quoted above in its entirety!), and the Doctor quotes from Francis Thomson’s “At Lords”
Warning: Contains cricket geekishness.

For the field is full of shades as I near a shadowy coast )

Ficlet rec

Jan. 11th, 2007 05:40 pm
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For all those who are still upset about the Ashes whitewash: as [ profile] nineveh_uk reminds us, we've been there before. Though who knows that would have happened had a certain aristocratic cricket Blue not suffered an unfortunate injury while fighting crime?
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Ah, Test Match Special.

It even makes sitting in the library thesis writing, when outside the sun is shining, birds are singing and the river beckons... well, more or less bearable.

And isn't it nice to see Tresco back in form?
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A guid New Year tae ane and a', and mony may ye see...

Loved the way that Ally Bain and Phil Cunningham played in the year with the Freedom Come All Ye ( ) But I'm currently watching Channel 4 for the highlights of the Ashes series.

The cameraderie and sense of sheer joy at playing together the English lads give off is just astonishing - and the cricket itself was such a rollercoaster of emotion, between despair and triumph... The most wonderful series I've seen, and one of the best of all time.


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