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Also - because I forgot to post it - an excellent short fic from a few Yuletides ago, crossing Narnia with the US cooking show "Kitchen Confidential". I've actually never seen the latter, but it doesn't matter - if you like cooking, you'll probably enjoy No Reservations, by Edonohana.
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May I point out a rather enjoyable Cabin Pressure apocalypse fic: The End of the World, via Tesco or, as the summary puts it, "Douz II - this time there's zombies."

Quite a lot of gore and angst, but it does feel like what would happen if MJN Air found itself in the midst of a zombie outbreak...
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An odd carriage. A brief cross-over: Emily Dickinson meets Death (THE ONE THAT TALKS LIKE THIS).

Galaxy Quest Episode 57: "The Fairest of Them All". Galaxy Quest: an excerpt from an episode guide. Very funny!

The Alien Lover. Galaxy Quest again, and a backstory for Laliari. Fluff, and "kind of the opposite of tentacle sex", as the author says.

Harmless. Discworld, with a very funny riff on Asimov: what do you get if you cross a golem and the three laws of robotics?

The Escapists. Emily and Anne Bronte get a day out in York. I'm not sure about some of the period detail (I doubt that York Minster smelled of incense in 1845), but it's a lovely fic all the same.

Bolts of Iron. Vorkosigan Saga. Some key incidents in the lives of Pierre and Miles Vorkosigan.

Yip et non. This is what I get for muttering to myself about being sick of fic about Peter bloody Abelard, because this piece of inspired lunacy is hilarious. I can't better the summary: Abelard and Bernard are pomeranians and they have been bad.

Experiments In Intelligence. (Fandom: Octopus Steals My Video Camera and Swims off with It While It's Recording (Youtube). A really rather good exploration of what the octopus might have been thinking...

Scymnus Diaboli". (These Old Shades/ Devil's Cub) I should warn that this contains sexual assault and an attempted rape (it's hurt comfort, though thankfully without Magical Healing Cock - it's gen), but the Heyer pastiche is really pretty good.

She Will Place on Your Head a Graceful Garland; She Will Bestow on You a Beautiful Crown . Hebrew Bible; Bathsheba and Abigail. A very good fic about women in a patriarchal society and the temptations of power, with an excellent Abigail (and a very convincing Michal). My favourite fic of the batch, and worth it even if you're a bit foggy on Kings and Chronicles or not that interested in the Bible.

The Man in the Gaberdine Suit. American Gods. I'm not entirely sure Shadow would make the choice he does at the end of this fic, but it does capture the feel of American Gods very well indeed.
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So, I have some Yuletide recs! (I should perhaps explain for those who don't know - since someone asked me about it - that Yuletide is an annual exchange of fics for small fandoms, which is initially anonymous, though the authors will be revealed in, I think, about a week's time. I participated this year.*)

In no particular order, other than by fandom:

The Tough Guide to Yuletide. I wouldn't read this if you've never participated in Yuletide. If you have, though, you will probably enjoy it. You don't have to have read the source it's referencing, Diane Wynne Jones' "Tough Guide to Fantasyland", although it's very funny, so if you read fantasy at all you should read it.

How Luther Laughed at the Devil. This is Hamlet/ Faust crossover, set pre-canon for both, and very funny.

The Wine Dark Sea. Tintin - Captain Haddock just pre-canon. A dark and angsty fic dealing with alcoholism and (internalised) homophobia.

Daughters Like These. Anne of Green Gables - Una Meredith and six significant relationships with women, during and post-canon. Could be read as gen or femslashy (without contradicting canon); a lovely, delicate, sad but hopeful fic.

Bagthorpes v Zombies. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Great fun, and I would dearly like to read a sequel.

A Mouse Gnawing in her chest (The Blue Castle). Gives Cissy Gay, who we only meet in canon after her fate is pretty much sealed, a voice and a story. Not a happy fic (though not overwrought, quite the reverse), but a satisfying one.

Morning, Die Rosen. (Chalet School). Jack Maynard, before his marriage, writing to his sister - and getting distracted. Nice little vignette/ character study.

China in Your Hand (Discworld- Tiffany Aching books). What Granny Aching really thought of the shepherdess - very sweet.

The Yvain Fragments from Lost Romances. A fragment of the lost sequel to Chretien's Yvain (don't worry, it's in translation...)

Role Model. Wimseyverse, St George-centric. Three generations of the Wimsey family. This would have benefitted from better Brit-picking (though the issues are all quite minor and linguistic), and I'm not sure Jerry thinks of himself as 'St George', but it's still a very good character study. Deals with PTSD.

Oaks in the Coppice. Also Jerry-centric - in which Jerry is in love with Hilary, and she doesn't want to get married. Not quite sure about the ending here, but there's some good character stuff all the same.

The Life That Is Waiting - DS9 - Kassidy post canon, rebuilding her life. This is a great exploration of Kassidy's situation and her attitudes to the station, the Prophets, and Bajor.

Collaborators Odo-centric, but with a big role for Quark and one for Dukat. How Odo ended up acquiring a permanent job in station security.

Immortal. Jadzia's path through selection in the Initiate Programme. A lovely character study of Jadzia before Dax - and I must say, I found it had resonances with all kinds of vocational discernment....

* Two fics in the main collection, one ficlet in the Yuletide Madness collection. Again, if anyone guesses one correctly, I will write them a ficlet).
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Death is Jack's constant companion. What's more noteworthy, in a way, is the fact that he's also on his Christmas card list.

Funny, and rather touching.
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Via comments on [personal profile] toft's journal, I found The Blest Surprize, by afrai. A very haunting, touching story, set during Arabella's imprisonment in Faery, with a clever twist that I failed to see coming (though there was a strong indication I missed...).
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Psst! If you like humourous, if slightly cracky, Star Trek fic, or knitting, you absolutely must go read Heel Turn".

Yes, I said "knitting".
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Another fic rec, this time for Discworld (it's from Yuletide, but I completely missed it): a plotty novella length police procedural, in which a Black Ribboner goes rogue and goes missing, and Reg Shoe and Visit-the-Ungodly fight crime, and to cap it all, the Patrician is concerned about threats to the Undertaking. I'm picky about Discworld fic, but this really does feel like a missing Pratchett story.

The Case of the Vanishing Vampire.
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[personal profile] igrockspock has written a lovely, sad, little ficlet about Spock, Amanda, and Hannukah, which I commend to your attention.
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I'm trying to avoid reccing ones that I've seen all over the place, so:

My favourite film this year was Winter's Bone, and And Spring is Coming Soon is a beautiful sequel: Ree/ Gail femslash, not ducking the bleakness of canon, but with some believable hope.

I've always loved Swallows and Amazons, and We Climbed the Matterhorn is a smashing look at Molly Blackett's life, before and after canon.

Yuletide always produces a sprinkling of Wimsey fic; my favourite of what I've read was the fluffy but amusing Peter and the Power of Suggestion, in which Harriet and Peter struggle with gift-buying on a budget, and there is bonus Miss Climpson.

Nor Custom Stale almost made me sorry for Olive Stirling (LM Montgomery, The Blue Castle - a very underrated work).

The Lai of Bisclavret's Wife is a marvellous take on it, with a wonderfully drawn female protagonist. Also, it has an anchoress being awesome.

I have trouble believing that 'sociology RPF' constitutes a fandom, especially when one of the protagonists is Foucault and not actually a sociologist, but I don't actually give a damn, as Many Forms of Resistance, in which a zombie apocalypse hits a critical theory conference, is hilarious.

Offerings to History (Vorkosiverse) shows Duv dealing with his own past, his choice of profession(s) and the alarming experience of getting up close and personal with recent Barrayan history. His reaction to the Vorkosigan attics is a particular highlight.

Finally, Mother Tongue adds a few glimpses of mothers in Beowulf. Fascinating stuff, and there's a very good imitation of the style of Heaney's translation.
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A wonderful, funny Harry Potter- Sherlock crossover, The Case of the Unwelcome Owl, by [personal profile] pandarus. Looked at one way, it's crack. Looked at another way, it makes Sherlock canon a lot more comprehensible. Also, it's hilarious:

"That is an envelope, John. I realise that you didn't have the benefit of a truly first rate education, but I should have thought that even you would have been able to correctly identify such a simple object." Sherlock sounded rattled, John thought. Interesting.

"The owl brought it," John said, experimentally.

"Well, obviously," said Sherlock, as though everyone was perfectly well aware that the Royal Mail had a special owl delivery service.

The address, written in turquoise ink in a spidery hand, read:

Sherlock Holmes Esq.
Sulking on the sofa
In the living room
221B Baker Street
The United Kingdom.
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I have had a somewhat annoying day and am feeling grouchy and fed up - but instead of me dwelling on that, have a link to a very amusing missing scene from The Lodger by [personal profile] calapine, which is definitely what happened.

Of course, you may well have read it already, but if not, go forth and read it.
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I urge you to drop whatever you're doing, and read [personal profile] lareinenoire's Tenth Doctor and Martha fic, The Kynges Game; also available at AO3. In which the Doctor asks himself, why are there zombies wandering about London in 1529, and what has it got to do with the Royal Divorce? Featuring Anne Boleyn, Wolsey, and Thomas More being awesome.

Erudite and witty - highly recommended.

Driveby rec

Mar. 3rd, 2010 10:08 pm
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I've always had a fondness for five-things fic - and this, about Spock and Earth cooking is rather lovely - funny in places, sad in others.
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On another note entirely, Chaletian has written another hilarious slice-of-Enterprise-life gen fic (which is also, in its way Bechdel test meta-fic. But funny, truthful meta-fic).

Raise More Hell and Fewer Dahlias. Go forth and read!
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Have a link to a very amusing cross-over: Harry Potter and the Harry Potter films, by minnow_53.

... it occurs to me that if TMS was on telly, not radio, it would have a massive RPF fandom, a la Top Gear: it's full of surreality and banter, and generally feels as much like eavesdropping on people in a pub in a parallel universe as it does like sports commentary as such.*

(If there is TMS slash out there, I don't think I want to know).

* I'm now vaguely reminded of Herbert McCabe OP on the Trinity:

Think for a moment of a group of three or four intelligent adults relaxing together in one of those conversations that have really taken off. They are being witty and responding quickly to each other – what in Ireland they call ‘the Crack’. Serious ideas may be at issue, but no one is being serious. Nobody is being pompous or solemn (nobody is preaching). There are flights of fancy. There are jokes and puns and irony and mimicry and disrespect and self-parody … Now this child is like us when we hear about the Trinity.
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Once again, something that you wouldn't think could work, yet does: a Discworld/ Silmarillion cross-over, in which Sam Vimes applies his brand of policing to the matter of the Silmarils.

Evidence, by Camwyn.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but it's really rather good.
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I continue my epic quest to buy Italian train tickets. Am beginning to wonder if it's actually worth the effort of pre-booking, given that I can get tickets for the sleeper to Milan via Deutsche Bahn (I know that works, anyway).

I seem to have developed a weird fondness for Star Trek fics which are, I suppose, best described as gen fics about sex - that is, ones that involve characters trying to get their heads round other kinds of sexual and cultural norms and imperatives. So I very much enjoyed Zvi's "The Talk", in which Sarek attempts to educate a very unwilling Spock, who has just entered puberty at the age of twenty (rather young for a Vulcan) about human biology: humour, SFW (given that much of the humour depends on nothing being explicitly stated): How could you do something like that to my mother?

Quite a lot of the humour comes from the assumption that Vulcan puberty is later than human (logical, given a longer life-span) and, thus, the disjunction between Spock's thoughts, which are in some ways very rational, and in other ways that of the outraged child who is fairly sure that what he's just been told about reproduction is some sort of weird practical joke, and in any case, yuck.
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I will post something that's not to do with the church, my thesis, or Star Trek.

Today is not that day, so I shall point you to chaletian's amusing series of gen vignettes of life on the Enterprise.

I particularly like the betting pool story; it's got a certain Navy Lark touch....

Oh no. Now I'm mentally trying to combine Star Trek and the Navy Lark.


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