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I'm awfully behind the curve on this, but you were supposed to list 15 OTPs amd draw conclusions from them. Or were you supposed to let your flist do so? IDK.

Anyway, my conclusions are (i) I have a great tendency just to follow canon (though the fact that a pairing is canonical doesn't mean I'll necessarily be interested in it)
(ii) I like my romantic heroes, by and large, to be intellectual, but also to know one end of a sword from each other (metaphorically speaking)
(iii) I may also have a thing about older men and younger women (though this is not reflected in my own romantic history, such as it is). Although to an extent this may just reflect that in older fiction the men are always older than the women.
(iv) there are friendships which I find fascinating but that I don't see as sexual, so I made a separate heading for them.

Ten ships, and five friendships )
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Part of me suspects that this is a bad poem, but I am rather haunted by it none the less.† The youthful Sayers suffered from a tendency to floweriness and was overly influenced by the Pre-Rapaelites - though this one rather reminds me of Swinburne. Which is ironic, in the circumstances.

* Signed with the sign of His Cross and salted with His salt. S. AUGUSTINE.

"WHEREFORE wilt thou linger, Lady Persephone?
The sheaves are gathered, the vintage is done,
Bacchus through the ivy leaves laughing with his satyrs
Calls us to the feasting, and the ripe, red sun
Drops like an apple, tumbling to the westward,
The shout of the Maenads is merry on the hill,
Why do the wheat-ears fall from thy fingers?
Whom dost thou look for, lingering still?
Whom dost thou look for? Here is one to woo thee, )
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Is anyone else finding that they're not getting comment notifications for all the comments replying to their comments lower down threads (if you see what I mean)?

Also, thanks to [ profile] orominuialwen, who has helpfully dug up this recording of Bing Crosby singing "Love in Bloom", aka the song that brings Harriet out in hives when punting in Gaudy Night. So sit back, enjoy(?) and imagine the sunshine, the Isis, the mixture of UST and irritation, and of course the faintest whiff of the corporation dump....

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Well, I finished listening to the 1970s "Man Born to be King", a somewhat abridged version of Dorothy L Sayers play on the life of Christ. On the whole, it is very good, both in terms of the plays themselves and the production, though I had a few minor niggles with the latter aspect. The great strength of the plays is the vivid characterisation; they all feel like real people. More under the cut, including an excerpt from the plays )
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I can't believe I haven't noticed this before, but BBC 7 has been transmitting The Man Born To Be King, DLS' cycle of plays on the life of Christ. Bizarrely, they seem to have transmitted some of the later ones already, but the first two plays are still available on Listen Again, as you'll see from the link. I've just started listening to "Kings in Judea".

Meme sheep

Sep. 30th, 2008 01:11 pm
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Why not - this is a deserving classic. Courtesy, this time round, of [ profile] dolorous_ett

Name a character from one of my fandoms, and I'll give you either:

(a) three facts about them from my personal canon/fanon,
(b) a reason he/she sucks,
(c) a reason he/she is awesomecakes,
(d) five things that never happened to that character, or
(e) five people that character never fell in love with and why.

For the purposes of this exercise, my fandoms can be defined as Doctor Who (including SJA but not including Torchwood), Harry Potter, Narnia, the Wimseyverse, "Master and Commander", Arthur Ransome, Star Trek: TOS and DS9, John Buchan, Dalziel and Pascoe (bookverse only, unless you count my belief that the TV characters have been gradually replaced by pod people) and Wolfram von Eschenbach (just to be pretentious). I also tentatively append the Vorkosiverse, as I haven't read all of canon yet. I would like to add Hermann Kant's "Die Aula", but I think I am in a fandom of one on that count (though one day I might crack and reveal my theory as to why canon as it stands doesn't stack up, and what conclusions we might draw from this - other than that our viewpoint character is charming, but ultimately a self-centred idiot, if not something worse).
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I may not have time later, so have a link to a page about May Morning in Oxford

Especially for Wimsey fans - and also for people interested in Oxford, or missing it, like me. I hope all the Oxford people on the flist who are going have a marvellous time.
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I had an odd plot bunny the other night; it involved Romana escaping the time war through judicious use of the chameleon arch, and ending up as a don and part time novelist at Somerville (probably, heaven help us, with Inkling-based snark). At one point she would see Five and be baffled at meeting someone she had invented (I admit that this is ripped off from Sayers' running into Roy Ridley and failing to remember that she'd used him as a model for Wimsey). Unfortunately I can't think of any plot other than that.

This joins, of course, the partly written Granger-Nott in post War Oxford fic; as well as Memoirs and Confessions of A Justified Snape, not to mention the bunny I offered as a prompt for the Omniocular crossover challenge, and which remained unloved: Moody investigates a series of disappearances in the 70s and runs into UNIT and the mysterious Doctor Smith.

I think I need to take some fic writing time. Of course, I also need to take some paper-writing time, some thesis writing time, and some filling in Ominous Forms Of Doom time....


May. 22nd, 2007 08:52 pm
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That peerless information source, Wikipedia, informs me that Roy Ridley, the 'physical original' for Peter Wimsey and chaplain of Balliol, was the probably the first and only Church of England priest to celebrate Mass while wearing a monocle. (I love the way they specified "C of E", as if it's an everyday event among RCs or Piscies or ECUSA)

I'm not sure what the appropriate response to this is....
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Name one character from any fandom I know and I will give you three facts about them from my personal canon.

Fandoms: Harry Potter, Doctor Who (though I reserve the right to do someone else here; I don't know canon well enough for Doctors 5-8 to be confident of being able to do their companions): I'd also be keen to have a crack at: Star Treks TOS and DS9, Dalziel and Pascoe (book canon only, obviously), Life on Mars, Patrick O'Brian, Swallows and Amazons, Narnia, and John Buchan's Richard Hannay-verse.

ETA: and the Wimsey-verse, of course!
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If you click on the link and scroll to the bottom of the page, you will find a picture of a certain well-known Balliol man who is certainly of interest to many of the people on my flist...

Ficlet rec

Jan. 11th, 2007 05:40 pm
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For all those who are still upset about the Ashes whitewash: as [ profile] nineveh_uk reminds us, we've been there before. Though who knows that would have happened had a certain aristocratic cricket Blue not suffered an unfortunate injury while fighting crime?
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I went down to the religious bookshop (St Phillips, new, second hand and rare) on St Aldates today, looking for a translation of Gertrud the Great - which, indeed, I found.

I also found, while resisting the urge to buy Charles William's extraordinarily partial but none the less interesting history of mysticism, the 'first cheap edition 352 pages 4/6' of Four Sacred Plays by Dorothy L Sayers. I couldn't resist, though I think I've just sabotaged my chance of getting amything done this afternoon.

The bookshop itself is extremely well stocked, though obviously by a Catholic - the English Missal and reports from the Anglo-Catholic conferences of the thirties were filed austerely under 'Anglican and Non-Conformist', which is accurate as far as it goes, but still somehow amusing...

But, anyway, 352 pages of new Sayers!
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Because I'm bored, I've borrowed the Character Love Meme from [ profile] dolorous_ett

Name a character from one of my fandoms, and I will write no more than 100 words on why I love them.

Fot the purposes of this exercise, my fandoms are defined as Harry Potter, Tolkien, Doctor Who (but please bear in mind that I have never seen an episode of Six and my knowledge of Old Who is somewhat patchy), Patrick O'Brian, Dorothy L Sayers, Terry Prachett, and Star Trek (TOS and DS9).
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I've just been listening to a programme about Peter Wimsey on BBC7's Listen Again - thanks to [ profile] harriet_wimsey for the heads-up.

Interesting stuff, especially Iain Carmichael's interview about making the TV and radio adaptions (I'd forgotten Simon Brett was involved in the latter which, along with the vocal talents of I.C. and the wonderful Peter Jones, goes some way to explaining their success).

But what really grabbed my attention was the fact that Peter Wimsey was first written as a minor character in a Sexton Blake story which DLS wrote and, for obvious reasons, never published.

Yes, that's right. Lord Peter originated as an OC in a fan-fic. I think there's encouragement for us all, there, don't you?
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‘Tell Beauty How She Blasteth’

Warnings: AU, Post-Strong Poison. This is not a cheerful story, you have been warned. It was inspired by a discussion with [ profile] nineveh_uk about the paucity of AU Wimsey-fic. After writing this, I can see why there aren't many of this type of AU story out there. More specifically: Contains character death; miscarriage of justice; suicidal thoughts; suicide.
Spoilers: Strong Poison, obviously, and Clouds of Witness. Reference to one detail of Have His Carcass, but I wouldn’t call it a spoiler.
Words: 3955.
Disclaimer: There are lots of things in here which I don't own. I’m sure intelligent people like you can work out what. In particular, his lordship is unspeakably relieved that he doesn't belong to me (though normally I'm nicer, honestly!)

Damn it, I don’t like it either. )
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I've just stumbled across the [ profile] talboys community, and followed a link to find an article about a proposed new original Wimsey novel by, of all people, Stephen King.

The mind boggles )


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