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Have just found a very odd website about vampires which may be of interest to [ profile] carlanime. It notes that there are apparently no vampires in the Southern Hemisphere (too much sun?), and disapproves of Ultraviolet for making vampires banal and vampire hunting like any other job. Suspect vampires, did they exist, would be terribly banal.

I landed there because I was looking for stuff about Ultraviolet (I know, I should have been working), and ended up trying to make an icon†, but my never exactly leet photoshop skills are failing me, and I cannot understand why the text I try to add to the image is invisible, no matter what I do. It works all right on other image files. *sulks*

Actually, this is very weird - I've lost the layers window, and while I have solved the text issue, it's now refusing to let me reselect the (badly centred) text I'd entered, or change it in any way - and it won't let me undo more than one step. I cannot imagine what has happened to the wretched program.

† I admit it, I wanted one of the lead character from Ultraviolet looking broody, with the caption 'Church Paramilitant' which I could use on Dominic (Dominic is a lot younger, but the expression seems right, as does the hair)

ETA: the above icon is sort of rubbish, but is currently the best I can do, and I was getting so obsessive that I felt impelled to make a placeholder and then try to forget about it for now....
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BT's customer service continues to be awful - still no internet at home, possibly not for another fortnight. If it were me who had placed the order, rather than my flatmate, I would now be offering them them the choice to sort it out now or lose our custom, but my flatmate placed the order and she is more accommodating than me in these circumstances; also, she hasn't grasped that the first rule in dealing with people on the phone is to ask to speak to the supervisor, because the frontliners probably don't have authority to do anything bar follow their scripts.

Heroes, on the other hand, continues to be confusing; and

Vague spoilers for up to 3.2 )
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We're having problems with phone lines at home - the chap who had the phone line in his name has moved out, so we have to be cut off and issued with a new number, which of course will break the internet. (I didn't realise that these days telephone numbers are associated with individuals, rather than houses, but as the chap in question has moved to Brussels and therefore doesn't want a BT contract, it seems silly).

As our ISP wanted £55 for the privilege of altering the phone number, we decided to move to BT. All very well and good. Except - could we order the new internet connection to be switched on when the phone line goes over? No. It has to be ordered, separately and subsequently, 48 hours after the phone has been switched over. Which looks like - given the weekend - we'll be internetless for a week, at least.

Oh woez - well, it is a bit of a pain, with Noughth Week next week (known as Freshers' Week elsewhere, I believe ;) ). And our MCR still hasn't got a programme out - but that's another rant entirely.
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Powerpoint is annoying me; I can't work out why it won't let me add a JPEG slide (it may be that the file's too large, I suppose; even if I dump the jpeg in Firefoz and try to cut and paste from that, all that it pastes is the directory path to the file).

Also: do any of you more presentation minded people out there know if there are any projectors/ beamers on the market that can't be hooked up to Macs to run PP presentations- or what cable do you need to do so? (My contact at Freiburg claims that I won't be able to use my own mac to run the presentation; I find this hard to believe, and would rather not have to deal with the inevitable problems with special characters if I ported it to a PC, but I am not entirely sure of my ground on PCs)

Arguably my real problem, though, is that I have just been bitten by the plot bunny for a (depressing) Narnia AU, in which the Pevensies are German, in more or less the same time frame, or possibly either slightly earlier, or more towards the end of the war†. Edmund would be angry with his older siblings because they had begun to question the stuff they have had shoved down their throats in the HJ, and with Lucy because she is too young to really understand what is going on, but inclined to take the side of the others; the parents, who are of course off-stage, would be uncomfortable with the regime, though not in any particularly active way. (This bit is inspired by the Scholl family, where the parents - good Catholics - were passively anti-Nazi, but the older children were initially enthusiastic members of the HJ, before slowly spotting the massive moral problems).... and I certainly shouldn't be thinking about this when I should either be getting on with the paper or making dinner.

† No, I don't know what my obsession with Really Depressing AUs is, either. Morbid streak a mile wide, apparently.
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After a somewhat unplanned weekend out of range of the internet, I have discovered that my email account is on the blink and I can't get at anything :( Will postpone trying to sort it till tomorrow, in the hope it will sort itself...

In the meantime, I wrote a Narnia drabble. It's not what I set out to write, but there you are; it's the first Narnian thing I've written. It's also as shippy as I generally get, which is to say not really by normal fandom standards....

Voyage of the Dawn Treader, sort of Caspian/ Lucy, U )
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For some reason the WLAN in the faculty no longer likes me. I can 'see' the network fine, but you have to log in through a VPN client, and it won't take my password. Yes, I'm entering the right password, and I don't think it can be the client, because I use a different VPN in the flat sometimes, and that's OK. The Faculty WLAN has sometimes gone through phases where it only let me log in after several attempts (I'm pretty sure it wasn't my typing!) but now it doesn't work at all.

In some ways this is very good for productivity. Right up to the point where you need the net for something work-related, or end up turning up too late to a seminar because you never got the change of venue e-mail (of course, there's a whole seperate issue around sending such an e-mail two hours before the start of class).

Sigh. I suppose I'll have to go and see tech support, but it always takes forever... so maybe I'll wait a bit.
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This is a long shot, but do any of the Germans on the f-list have any experience of using the O2 'at home' flat rate internet service? It looks like I might end up in a flat minus a telephone connection, but I'm very reluctant to be without the internet.

Yes, I'm addicted. I know.
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I hate OLIS. Not only did it insist that we have no books by Richard Southern, which was obviously untrue (as was demonstrated by looking for individual titles), but I also spent three quarters of an hour looking for an author who I only subsequently discovered was unlocatable on the system because some idiot had misspelled his name

Bah, say I.
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I've just noticed that the CD of Malcolm Arnold's Dances, which I'd just burned into iTunes, appeared under the genre 'alternative and punk'. (For those of you who aren't familiar with them, they are pleasant light classical, vaguely folk-inspired pieces, and if you ever watched 'What the papers say', then you will have heard the first movement of 'English Dances Set II')

This is, in its way, the funniest thing I've seen all day.
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The latest update of iTunes broke the Party Shuffle option. it plays one song from the list, and then switches itself off.

How very odd. Ah well, I suppose I shall just have to listen to albums all the way through in a Christian manner. Or go back to Wagner.
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Does anyone know of a reliable and cheap or (even better, free - hey, I'm a student!) program that will detect spyware or malware for the Mac (should such things exist - the spyware, I mean).†

I just had an odd experience while trying to open a page at the Leaky Cauldron, and got a pop-up window which appeared to be inviting me to download a program to scrub all the evidence of 'adult pages' and movies I'd looked at (hah!), purely out of the goodness of the manufacturer's heart, becaues they were concerned to save my marriage and possibly keep me out of the dock. Now, even if I did have a bad conscience due to perusing dubious internet material, I wouldn't be that stupid.

I was, however, slightly concerned by the fact that clicking 'no' to get rid of the dialogue box (it was a dialogue box, and not a window), brought up another dialogue box, this time only with one button, marked 'ok', and I eventually had to force-quit in order to get rid of it. Should I be concerned?

† I do run - university mandated - anti-virus software, i.e. Sophos. I don't entirely trust it, but have been relying on the fact that Mac OS is safe (because writers of nasties usually can't be bothered with such a small market). But I'm beginning to wonder if that's still true.
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Word has taken to sneakily inserting extra returns into my footer. Anyone have any idea what that's about?

(I recently had to reinstall my preferences, and it's been weird ever since. It is also given to turning the whole document bold when I highlight and bold a single line. Bah. I hate Microsoft.)


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