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I haven't really forgotten the Star Trek meme, though you are getting some answers in a batch.
1 - Which Star Trek is your favorite?

2 - Who is your favorite character? )

3 - Who is your least favourite character? )

4 - What was the first Star Trek series you watched? )

5 - What was the first episode/movie you watched? )

6 - Your favorite canon pairing? (Canon being the series and the movies, including the reboot.)

7 - Your favorite non-canon pairing?

8 - Your favorite actor/actress? (Not the same as character.)

9 - What's your favorite episode?

10 - What's your favorite species? (Humans are a species as well.)

11 - What's your least favorite species? (See question 9 about species.)

12 - What's your favorite funny moment?

13 - What's your favorite dramatic moment?

14 - What's your favorite Star Trek quote?

15 - How did you get into Star Trek?

16 - Are you involved with Star Trek fandom?

17 - Have you read any of the books? If so, which ones?

18 - If you could be any species in the Star Trek universe, what would you be?

19 - How did the Star Trek reboot affect you?

20 - Of the minor characters (one shots, not the recurring ones) who's your favorite?

21 - Which Star Trek food would you want to try at least once?

22 - Which Star Trek world would you want to visit at least once?

23 - Is there anything you'd want to change about Star Trek? Why?

24 - Is there anything about Star Trek that has disappointed you?

25 - How has Star Trek changed you?

26 - Lots of Star Trek Parodies out there. Which do you dig?

27 - What would you cross over with Star Trek?

28 - If you could change one thing about Star Trek, what would it be?

29 - If you could tell Gene Roddenberry one thing, Star Trek related or not, what would it be?

30 - What's your favourite film?
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I thought I would have a bash at this, even though some of the questions are a bit daft, because it gives me a chance to talk about Trek!

1 - Which Star Trek is your favorite?

Deep Space Nine, without a doubt. Long plotty arcs, a brilliant ensemble cast of characters - and some wonderful recurring guests, such as Garak, Dukat, Cassidy, and above all the superlative Kai Winn, politics, people who don't necessarily love Star Fleet but aren't 'bad guys', and did I mention the characters? One of the wonderful things about Nine is the web of relationships and interactions between the main (and minor) characters, the way the backstory keeps affecting them - and I also love the fact that they took Worf and O'Brian and made them into truly memorable characters. I love the sense of friendship (especially because sometimes it gets complicated and strained) - Jadzia and Ben, Kira and Jadzia, the developing friendship between Julian and Miles, Julian's fascinated, slashy relationship with Garak.

The fact that it treats faith much more richly and intelligently than any of the other Treks, of course, makes me even more fond of it. Ben's journey, over the series, is pretty brilliantly done - the reluctant acceptance of a vocation that turns out to be something even more fundamental. Kira, whose faith and her struggles with it (and her struggles with working for the Emissary) are fundamental to what makes her Kira. And the handling of the dark side of faith is just as good - Winn is a tragic and all too believable figure, and I suspect every priest has the potential to turn into her. And then there's Dukat, who wants to instrumentalise the Pah Wraiths as he has consistently tried to instrumentalise everything to do with Bajor, and gets turned into a tool himself. But I find Winn's fall scarier, because that's the sort of corruption of the good that happens all the time, without any special effects, and sometimes without anyone noticing.

The runner up is classic Trek (and the movies), because that's where it all started, and because of the wonderful trio of characters at the centre of it: Kirk, Spock, and Bones. Or to be honest, Spock, Kirk, and Bones, because Spock was always my favourite. Also, I love the way TOS can veer wildly between the serious and the moving to the honest-to-God crack. I mean, you'd hardly believe "City on the Edge of Forever" and "Shore Leave" were the same series. And sometimes you get the same weird tension in the same story. "The Naked Time" has some exceedingly funny scenes (Sulu swashbuckling and addressing Uhura as "Fair maiden!" and Uhura's dead-pan, "Sorry, neither"!), and some heartbreak as well.

It follows that "Trials and Tribblations" is one of the best things ever and guaranteed to make me smile. (But is it my favourite episode EVAR? Watch this space).

The rest of the questions. )
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Gosh, How Much For Just The Planet is impressively insane, isn't it?

I loved it.
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Wow. Fandom secrets brings us wildly inaccurate, classist, tea wank.

It reminded me of my headcanon about Picard, though (I always forget that I do actually have canon about Picard, though he's the only TNG character, other than Miles and Worf* that I care enough to do this for). Having been puzzled for ages as to why a supposed Frenchman is so damned British, I concluded that it's of a wider piece with his attitude to his family, and his flight from his responsibilities to the family business. I bet he cultivated raging Anglophilia as a kid, just to differentiate himself. No coffee, just tea (imported from England, not a French blend), much to his parents' irritation. Shakespeare ("classical French drama is lifeless!"). And then, of course, running away to sea to be a sailor joining Starfleet.

I bet he was a really annoying teenager, and probably a bit of a hipster.

* Who I always basically think of as DS9 people, even though this doesn't make much sense for Worf. But I never felt his colleagues on the Enterprise appreciated him properly.
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OK, possibly stupid question: are there any Star Trek gen fic comms (or DS9 fic comms) out there?
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Psst! If you like humourous, if slightly cracky, Star Trek fic, or knitting, you absolutely must go read Heel Turn".

Yes, I said "knitting".
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[personal profile] igrockspock has written a lovely, sad, little ficlet about Spock, Amanda, and Hannukah, which I commend to your attention.
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I don't think my response to not having time to reply to comments by posting more, but this exchange amused me...

Tree: Apparently this theatre company's doing a Klingon version of "A Christmas Carol". Scrooge is a warrior who's lost his honour... I wonder what the Ferengi version's like?

Lawyer: Oh, that's easy, it's a tale of how a business man who has fallen into destructive habits of altruism is reminded that profit's what counts.

Tree:... You mean it's Atlas Shrugged?

And very soon we will be off to Edinburgh. The worst National Rail Enquiries* is predicting is half hour delays, but some trains have been cancelled, so wish us luck...

*Not Inquiries, spellchecker, thankyouverymuch.

Driveby rec

Mar. 3rd, 2010 10:08 pm
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I've always had a fondness for five-things fic - and this, about Spock and Earth cooking is rather lovely - funny in places, sad in others.
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For the record, my somewhat less than satisfactory [community profile] femgenficathon fic (and can I again urge you to take a look at the comm? There's some great stuff up there.

Title: Silence Beyond Words
Author: [personal profile] tree_and_leaf
Fandom: Star Trek (AOS)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: No
Prompt: 12. Could I write all, the world would turn to stone. -- Caterina Sforza (early 1463-1509), Italian warrior-ruler of Imola and Forli.
Summary: Nyota Uhura is a communications officer, which means she’s good with words. So why can’t she find the right words to talk about what’s happened?
Author's Notes: Capt. Robbins isn’t really an OFC; it’s one of the names used in some of the spin-off material for Number One (while I normally have a great deal of respect for DC Fontana, I hate the idea that Number One really is her name; and wouldn’t that get confusing once you get promoted past XO anyway?) At any rate, Number One is awesome, despite how little we see of her in canon.
I have taken the prompt rather loosely; I wanted to write about things that can and can't be said. Alas, I struggled with it a bit, and I'm not entirely satisfied with the results. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

I do not own Star Trek, in any of its forms, nor am I making any profits.

Robbins bought her whisky, the Scottish kind, with a reek of smoke on the nose. Uhura winced, and thought of burning circuits. )
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On another note entirely, Chaletian has written another hilarious slice-of-Enterprise-life gen fic (which is also, in its way Bechdel test meta-fic. But funny, truthful meta-fic).

Raise More Hell and Fewer Dahlias. Go forth and read!
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Further signs that tree_and_leaf is, indeed, possibly on the stressed side...

Went round to a friends for dinner, and finally remembered that I needed to put a wash on before I went. Except - having got back very late, the evening having turned into slightly worrying fangirling of the general attractiveness of the Obama administration serious political debate - I discovered that I'd omitted to turn the bloody washer on. Which I discovered by taking half the clothes out of the washer and thinking, Mm, these are very dry, the spin cycle's not normally that efficient, although they still look a bit grubby... Ah. Yes.

And instead of going to bed like a sensible person, I ended up writing rather pointless Sarek/ Amanda fic. *headdesk*

Title: Mother Tongue
Words: 1059
Warnings: None, unless you really dislike fics with babies in them. Could be either TOS or AOS. However, in my head, Sarek is played by Mark Lenard.
Rating: PG, if not U.
Spoilers: Spock has parents, you know - the story that he was generated by a computer algorhythm is just Doctor McCoy's idea of a joke...
Characters: Sarek/ Amanda, OCs, infant! non-speaking! Spock.
Summary: He's a child of two worlds, and some people don't entirely approve...

I am endeavouring to improve my grasp of Standard idioms )
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The Long Spear is a rather nice vid - general tribute to Star Trek as a whole, in the light of the new movie. In general, I'm not a fan of vids with additional sound added to the base song, and at first I really couldn't see why "The Boxer" was an appropriate choice - other than vaguely so for teenie-delinquent-rebootverse-Jim - but then they used the original final verse, which Simon and Garfunkel never recorded, and suddenly everything fell into place...

Somewhat more slick, and an awful lot of fun: Swing, by [personal profile] marycrawford. TOS, ensemble, but with a heavy emphasis on Uhura.
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I continue my epic quest to buy Italian train tickets. Am beginning to wonder if it's actually worth the effort of pre-booking, given that I can get tickets for the sleeper to Milan via Deutsche Bahn (I know that works, anyway).

I seem to have developed a weird fondness for Star Trek fics which are, I suppose, best described as gen fics about sex - that is, ones that involve characters trying to get their heads round other kinds of sexual and cultural norms and imperatives. So I very much enjoyed Zvi's "The Talk", in which Sarek attempts to educate a very unwilling Spock, who has just entered puberty at the age of twenty (rather young for a Vulcan) about human biology: humour, SFW (given that much of the humour depends on nothing being explicitly stated): How could you do something like that to my mother?

Quite a lot of the humour comes from the assumption that Vulcan puberty is later than human (logical, given a longer life-span) and, thus, the disjunction between Spock's thoughts, which are in some ways very rational, and in other ways that of the outraged child who is fairly sure that what he's just been told about reproduction is some sort of weird practical joke, and in any case, yuck.
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I love it when fic makes you realise the greatness of things you didn't know would work!

For instance, Gaila-Spock friendship fic. There's been a number of good Gaila gen-fic, but this one, by [personal profile] igrockspock is particularly good. In which Gaila attempts to work why she keeps getting human sexual mores wrong, with a bit of help from Spock, who admits that he doesn't know much about the matter, but is confident that the matter can be clarified with the application of the scientific method and a proper research plan (no, not like that, it's a gen fic†), and from Nyota, who realises that there's more to her room-mate than meets the eye.

It could have stood a beta, as there are a very few typos, but they don't detract from the fic. It's funny and moving, and a nice exploration of the challenges of culture clashes - and what you can learn from them, if you're willing to try.

† I mean, it's an R, and there's a lot of discussion of sex, because it's about Gaila, but it's not porn (unless social anthropology turns you on, of course...)
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Double drabble, total fluff. I blame having to read a lot of mediaeval religious literature...

Title: Nigra sum, sed formosa.
Spock/ Uhura, PG (though non-compliant with the Hayes Code); no spoilers (unless you count the ship itself...); come to think of it, it's not specifically movie-canon.

Vulcans always claimed to need less sleep than humans )
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I'm awfully behind the curve on this, but you were supposed to list 15 OTPs amd draw conclusions from them. Or were you supposed to let your flist do so? IDK.

Anyway, my conclusions are (i) I have a great tendency just to follow canon (though the fact that a pairing is canonical doesn't mean I'll necessarily be interested in it)
(ii) I like my romantic heroes, by and large, to be intellectual, but also to know one end of a sword from each other (metaphorically speaking)
(iii) I may also have a thing about older men and younger women (though this is not reflected in my own romantic history, such as it is). Although to an extent this may just reflect that in older fiction the men are always older than the women.
(iv) there are friendships which I find fascinating but that I don't see as sexual, so I made a separate heading for them.

Ten ships, and five friendships )
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Various people have pointed out that one of the difficulties of the new Trek film is that things have changed so much that what looked progressive back in the day (the status of women in Star Fleet and presence of minorities or non-Americans in the crew) now looks positively bastion-of-male-white-American-privilege.

Sometimes, though, it's weird little details that bring back how much things have changed. I was flicking through the production notes on Memory Alpha for "Balance of Terror" (a very good episode indeed, with Romulans, Enterprise crew-members being bigoted and Kirk calling them on it, and a very non black-and-white enemy - and Mark Lenard, who is always good value even when not playing Spock's dad). The episode, though, starts with a wedding (apparently, and I'd forgotten this, the "Enterprise" has a chapel), at which Kirk officiates (which also makes me wonder, as a Patrick O'Brian fan, if the Enterprise ever has services which mostly consist of Kirk reading The Articles of War Star Fleet regulations, and if there is a (suitably space themed, and naturally inter-religious and non-specific) version of the Naval Prayer. Unlikely, I suppose, given the apparent American dominance of Star Fleet, but one can speculate.

Anyway: what caught my eye was that the episode notes draw attention to the fact that the bride genuflects to the altar in the chapel, and that this is noteworthy as a positive-without-making-a-very-special-episode-of-it depiction of Roman Catholic practice on 1960s television (also worth noting in that apparently, not every human member of Star Fleet is an atheist or a vague sort-of-deist after all). Was it really that noteworthy? One would hope that this is special pleading on the note-writers (who also note that some Anglicans genuflect - though their deduction from this, that it's not a markedly Catholic practice, is a bit shakier than they think!), but - I do not know. Any thoughts from older Americans - was this really progressive in the early sixties? Kennedy was Catholic, after all....

On a totally unrelated but extremely cool note, I have found a glossary of Naval Slang. It is quite fascinating (did you know that 'angel' is a unit measuring 1000ft of height?) Or that 'rabbits' is used to designate anything taken ashore from a Navy ship, especially if smuggled?

Heigh ho - back to work!


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