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Apparently there was a Spanish remake of Life on Mars (times adjusted to make it post-Franco). And there may be going to be a Russian one, though I'm not sure I could get enthusiastic about NKVD Komissar Eugene Ochota (excuse Google Translate Russian).

It occurs to me that you could do something very interesting with a German Life on Mars, though. Set it in Berlin. West, because East has the potential for epically dodgy subtexts which are almost as bad as the Life on Mars: Leningrad edition.** You could do loads with a divided city, cut off from the country that surrounds it, from the inevitable "Sam can't quite remember where the wall went jokes" onward...

* For thus David Bowie described West Berlin in the 1970s.
** "Almost" because the Volkspolizei (the "normal" police) were institutionally separate from the Stasi, unlike the situation in the NKVD, but still...

(I've been rewatching LoM. Can you tell?)
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I keep thinking I would like to watch some fanvids, because I can see how there's great potential there for saying funny or clever things about (media) sources, but I have no idea where to start. Luckily, I have a flist...

So: does anyone have recs for brilliant vids? You know my fandoms, more or less (and if you don't, my interests reveal them).
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I just watched the swingers episode of Life on Mars; generally rather repellent atmosphere, though extremely well done. Mind you, I shouldn't have laughed at my mother for greeting virtually every appearance of Annie in civies with a cry of 'I had one of those!' (sometimes followed by 'I don't know what I was thinking'), because when Sam got the camera out for surveillance purposes, I was gratified to recognise my first SLR (inherited from my grandad, who must have bought it sometime in the early seventies. A good camera, incidentally, though rather heavy; I ought to get it out again and finally do some black and white work again, though dark room access is problematic).

I've also been catching up om the first half series of Heroes, which I completely missed. Am enjoying it very much, though Mohinder's soliloquies on Creative Evolution are really starting to get on my nerves. He's Weston from Out of the Silent Planet with better dress sense and nicer manners. And, to be fair, a more reliable moral compass in practice if not in theory. But I like him more when he's not indulging in reheated Bergsonianism...

I went to see My Blueberry Nights with some friends. Don't bother, unless (a) you fancy Jude Law or (b) you are so keen to see David Strathairn and Rachel Weisz give excellent performances as an alcoholic and his ex-wife that you can put up with an awful lot of tedium elsewhere in the film; they were the best thing in the film, but not quite enough to rescue it for me. Also, Norah Jones is awful - I'd say she should stick to singing, but she butchers "Harvest Moon", which is one of my favourite Neil Young songs.

ETA: I should note that Wikipedia says that the "Harvest Moon" cover was actually by Cassandra Wilson; I apolgise to Ms Jones, but that doesn't help the film.


Jan. 28th, 2008 08:50 pm
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So... Colm Meaney as Gene Hunt in US- Life on Mars?

Chief O'Brian?

I mean, I love Miles O'Brian, but... I have difficulty imagining the chap who plays him saying things like 'You're surrounded by armed bastards!' or referring to people as Dorothy. Or, come to that, with an interrogation based on punching people in the stomach.

Maybe I'm underestimating him, but I really don't see it.
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Conservapaedia is a bit disappointing, really:you'd have hoped they could have put some effort into their political skewing of the facts (who was it said, a pro pos of Iraq, that "The facts on the ground have an anti-Bush agenda?") Nonetheless, their 'broadcasting' page is a source of unintentional comedy.

I can't decide whether my favourite bit is their castigating of the BBC for (among other things, including, naturally, and anti-conservative and anti-Christian agenda) their scandalous neglect of the Scots; the unnamed Doctor Who episode that was an allegory for the entry of Britain into the Common Market, and the Guardian's denouncing 'Daleks in Manhattan' as the BBC 'relentlessly spewing out Socialist propaganda' (and here I thought that was right up the Grauniad's street); the puzzling fact that Crossroads is one of the few TV programmes that merits an entry; the attack on Angel for Pelagianism (only they don't seem to know the word); the odd entry on Star Trek which devotes most of its interest to arguing that the programme pushes the 'ancient astronaut' theory of life (which, IIRC, only featured in something like two episodes of TNG)

Generally, though, one is left with the impression that they haven't actually watched any of the things they're writing about, as can be seen in what is surely the crappest summary ever of Life on Mars: the entry in its entirety reads

Life on Mars is a British sitcom based in Manchester, England. It follows the exploitations of a man, Sam Tyler, who thinks he is from the past. There is some controversy surrounding the naming of the secondary lead character, Gene Hunt. He is not in fact a genealogist researcher. He is in fact a Police Officer.

ETA: Oh, for goodness sake. This is the entry for "material."

The material world is that which we observe physically surrounding ourselves.
While very important in terms of keeping ourselves alive through the production of food, shelter, etc., it is a diversion from the spiritual task we are concerned with as seekers and believers in a higher plane. It is true that we must meet our material needs in order to live in God, but it is more importantly true that we must shy away from material aggrandizement in order to stay pure in our pursuit of the Word.

I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or denounce them as heretics....
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Name one character from any fandom I know and I will give you three facts about them from my personal canon.

Fandoms: Harry Potter, Doctor Who (though I reserve the right to do someone else here; I don't know canon well enough for Doctors 5-8 to be confident of being able to do their companions): I'd also be keen to have a crack at: Star Treks TOS and DS9, Dalziel and Pascoe (book canon only, obviously), Life on Mars, Patrick O'Brian, Swallows and Amazons, Narnia, and John Buchan's Richard Hannay-verse.

ETA: and the Wimsey-verse, of course!
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As Ithers See Us
Dalziel and Pascoe/ Life on Mars crossover.
Double drabble, gen. Mid-Yorks’ finest suspect they’re looking for a man from Manchester…
Not mine, no money being made, etc, etc. Dalzielesque use of colourful metaphors follow.

It takes one to know one… )
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Life on Mars was brilliant; although I defintely need to get the DVD, as I missed the first ten minutes because I'd forgotten that the time had changed while I was at home and thus all the clocks in my room were on God's, rather than Government, Time. Fortunately this became plain when I looked at my phone, not after I phoned my mother during the ultimate LoM. She'd have disowned me, and quite right, too.

*Squees and flails some more*

*Reflects that this explains why I felt ravenously hungry at half past six, even though I normally eat at seven. It was because it was half past seven*
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Despite some difficulties (caused by the family, or more specifically, my grandmother), I managed to see Doctor Who on Saturday. I must say, I enjoyed it - the plot was fairly thin, but it worked as a good introduction to Martha, who I rather like, though I hope, possibly against hope, that the tempatation to pursue the unrequited love/ lust/ whatever angle will be resisted. The consultant's name was rather amusingly chosen, given his ultimated fate. I have to admit I rather liked him, despite the fact that he was a pompous ass. Tennant was good - hopefully he's settling down into the role, and his more whimsical moments were better used. A combination of slightly alien behaviour with an element of Peter Wimseyish camouflage, most noticably when he confronted the Plasmavore. ("He was giving the perfect imitation of a silly ass about town." "Then he was either frightfully bored or detecting something.") RTD, incidentally, absolutely sucks at devising alien names and languages.

I'm also wondering how long it will be before someone writes to the papers or complains to the BBC about Martha doing the old CPR procedures!

I finally saw an episode of Life on Mars, and bought last season's box set on the strength of it. Very impressed by the two episodes I have seen, although it's slightly disturbing to discover that my mother has a crush on Gene Hunt (who seems to becoming a bit of a Popular Cultural Icon).

The ITV adaptation of Northanger Abbey was excellent - sharp scripting, I liked the way they used the Gothic imaginings of Catherine, and Emma Grundy (I temporarily forget the actress' real name) was impressive, as was the bloke playing Henry Tilney. The 'Persuasion' was less good - they made Anne too sentimental, and her kiss with Cpt Wentworth was disasterously illl-judged; it tipped over into comedy. Anthony Head was brilliantly selfish as Sir Walter, though, and stole every scene he was in. Sadly, he only had about five minutes screen-time.


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